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"One thing that can make or break a good sound/video card kit is its bundle."

One thing that can make or break a good sound/video card kit is its bundle. Luckily Terratec decided to include a decent bundle. Including copies of Wavelab lite, Mixman Base Edition, Winjey (an mp3 player), and Internet phone 4.5 the Xlerate Pro is no slouch when it comes to the bundle. But there is one important thing it was lacking, games! On the front cover of the box it clearly states, "Ultimate 3d audio for accelerated gaming," so they are obviously targeting this card toward gamers, why didn't include any games to show off their card? Doesn't make any sense to me.

Installation of the card went on without a hitch. I think hardware installation has finally progressed to the point where anybody can do it... even your grandmother. Windows' Plug and play is finally doing its job, just as it should have done years ago. Even if you do have any problems, Terratec includes an installation manual with step by step instructions.

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