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War In Europe - Mod

"It doesn't take a Womble to work out that the words 'War' and 'Europe' put together in the same name spells 'fun'"

Regular readers of Speedy3D will know that we rarely review a mod for any game unless it is of such a high standard that it truly warrants it. For those who suffer from idle monkey syndrome, modifications are add-ons made by players of a game that has also released a development pack. Awe inspiring masterpieces such as Half-Life and the Quake series are two such titles that have done this and spawned some of the most enjoyable multiplayer and single player experiences to date. In some cases the quality is better than that of a commercial game, in others it's quite the opposite. Counter-Strike (CS) for Half-Life is one of the very few that we would even bother to review, a stunning game built on realism and fun that I play daily. Now another one enters the fray, it's strong and shows just what can be accomplished when people come together with the same goals, it's 'War In Europe'.

Ahhh.. The Germans are coming

It doesn't take a Womble to work out that the words 'War' and 'Europe' put together in the same name spells 'fun'. Ok no it actually spells 'War Europe' but that's beside the point. Since Action Quake (AQ) first blew many of us away with its use of realistic locations and weaponry as well as damage, there has been a hunger for increasingly realistic gaming experiences. War In Europe (WIE) is the Third game after CS and AHL/AQ2 to re-model realism and give you the experience many have been craving to play for years.

Like a cat speeding after a mouse before grasping it firmly in its mouth and tossing it up in the air, I nipped over to Borderline's page to get the first beta that was just released. Having seen screen shots of huge battlefields and accurately modelled weaponry I was already in a state of flux and drool as the file streamed steadily onto my Hard Disk. When finally it had arrived I promptly installed it and within moments found the initial few servers and leapt on like a Lepard to an antelope. Within moments I was dashing through huge battlefields with bombs exploding front, left, right and centre. The sound of Sirens plagued my ears as the inevitable bombs dropped hard on my weary team of allies, now I knew what fun was all about.

As you may have guess WIE is a game (mod) based in World War2 and is multiplayer only. You can be either the Germans (Axis) or the Allies (All the rest) and get to fight against each other until all your reinforcements (lives) are gone at which point you remain dead until everybody on your side either wins or looses like you. In order to win you must eliminate all the enemies by any means and to do this you are given a small yet competence arsenal. Each player can get 5 guns; they gain more guns when they kill more enemies until they have them all.

Gameplay is fluid and fun

The first Beta pushes a pleasing and detailed 3 maps into your open hands with which to run around and cause chaos. Each has it's own unique features be it in design or the way it set's atmosphere, one has air raids, others have turret guns that can be controlled and the D-Day level has you constantly being bombarded as you cross the beach. The Levels range from a D-Day to inland assault, battle in the bombed out heart of a wide open city and battling in a closed off part of the inner city. All have new textures, are immaculate in their portrayal of a devastated landscape full of detail and clever design.

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