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VideoLogic USB Home C@m

"Installation of this product was super easy, via USB."

The major advantage of web cams is to record live video and instantly put it on the web or store in your computer. It can also take images in a variety of sizes, image quality, and formats. They also carry a very acceptable price tag, which makes them a viable purchase for the average Joe.


Installation of this product was super easy, via USB. The drivers also installed smoothly, and since you don't have to open the case to install this webcam, installation is really a no-brainer. Just plug it in, and windows will (hopefully) do the rest.


Minimum system requirements: 200 MHz Pentium PC or equivalent with 16 MB RAM, USB connector and Windows 98 or USB-ready version of Windows 95 (Ver 4.00.950B or later). 28.8 Kbps modem or above or network connection required for video conferencing. Synchronous modem required for H.324 based video call.

Footprint: Stand for desktop PC use, and clip for notebook use.

Lens: Manual Focus from 7cm to infinity and beyond! (yeah!)

Power Source: 5.0V DC @ 350mA via USB connector.

Interface: USB interface, supporting Plug and Play and "hot plugging".

Video features: Snapshot switch. 350,000-pixel progressive scan (non-interlaced) CCD. Auto exposure and white balance. Video interpolation. Edge detection and enhancement. Dynamic bit rate control guarantees highest video performance for any given bandwidth. Hue, contrast, saturation and gamma control via software.

Video formats: 24 bit RGB; YUV4:1:1 (JPEG-Lite compression). Video resolutions: 640 x 480 (VGA); 352 x 288 (CIF, Common Interchange Format); 320 x 240; 176 x 144 (QCIF, Quarter CIF); 160 x 120.

Connectors: USB connector for video in/out and power. 3.5mm phono jack for audio input to sound card/motherboard mic in. Cable: 1.8M captured cable, with USB A type connector and 3.5mm audio connector.

Warranty: Two years.

Software: Comprehensive software bundle and CD-ROM front end for ease-of-access to product information, drivers and bundled applications.

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