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GlobalWIN VGS-08/VGS-08++

"The VGS-08 P3 heatsink from Globalwin has been around for a while now."

The VGS-08 P3 heatsink from Globalwin has been around for a while now. Despite its small 50x10mm fans, this cooler's performance is still very good. Millisec decided to take this heatsink to a whole new level by equipping it with 2 50x20mm Motor One fans (the same fans are used on there VIce II Xtreme). This literally doubles its airflow. Thus the VGS-08++ was born.

The VGS-08 heatsink by itself is very well made, compact but yet very efficient. Though, my favorite part about this heatsink is its mounting method. Most P3 heatsinks have 4 pins that come out off their back which pass trough the CPU. You then install a spring-loaded clip on the back of the CPU that applies pressure between the heatsink and the CPU, on the VGS-08 this mechanism as been reversed. This heatsink also comes with a special back plate.

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