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3dfx Voodoo 3 3500 TV

"One of the most well respected players in the video card business is 3dfx."

One of the most well respected players in the video card business is 3dfx. They are known for the voodoo line of products, graphic accelerators that have been virtually unmatched in the gamer's eye. 3dfx's newest line of products is the Voodoo3. Coming in 3 flavors, the V3 2000, 3000, and finally the one everybody was waiting for, the V3 3500 TV. Originally scheduled to ship with the other 2 V3s, 3dfx had trouble achieving the unusually high clock rate of 183 MHz, so the product was delayed.

The V3 3500 was originally supposed to have digital LCD support. But since LCD displays are still way over priced, and not a logical type of monitor for the gamer to have, 3dfx decided to drop that feature in favor of more practical TV capture abilities. While a good idea, TV capture has been around for a very long time especially in the ATI All in Wonder line of products. Most gamers, would rather play their games on a high resolution computer monitor then on a lower resolution TV screen. On top of that, the majority of the gamers out there don't do any digital video editing.

The feature most gamers will fall over is the ultra fast clock rate of 183 MHz. A clock rate of 183 MHz makes this version of the voodoo3 the fastest video card to date, even faster then the TNT2 Ultras. 3dfx was not kidding when they said 60fps is a must.

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