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Ultra Thin Exhauster

"They made it so thin, it fits in a 3.25 inch bay."

Today we will be taking a look at 3Dcool.comís Ultra Thin Exhauster Hard Drive Cooler. This cooler is Ultra Thin, just like its name suggests. I was really surprised at how thin this cooler really was. It is less than (11mm to be exact)12mm thin at its thickest point. That is what I would call thin. If nothing else 3Dcool.com has at least given this cooler an appropriate name. There is another thing they have done to make this cooler fit its name. They made it so thin, it fits in a 3.25 inch bay. That is what I call revolutionary. At least in the Hard Drive Cooler area. This is the only cooler that I have reviewed that doesnít require you to use a 5.25 inch bay. This is definitely a benefit if you are crammed for space in your computer or donít have a spare 5.25 bay. If that is the case with you, then this is your hard drive cooler. You will have to read on to find out how well it cools, but this is really your only option. I have not seen any other coolers that only take up a 3.25 inch bay, besides this one.

I ripped em right off 3Dcool.comís web page. What was I supposed to do? I didnít think youíd want ingredients for Pepperoni Pizza. You probably donít need them anyway. Well here are the ever exciting specs, that speak for themselves.

Super Slim Ultra Thin Design
20CFM of Air Flow (Cubic Feet per minute)
60mm, 3200RPM fan with super tilted blades
Extend your hard drive life and reliability
No Mounting Kits required!
Fits in a 3.5" bay -- No need to waste a 5.25" bay
Exhausts the air from the motor of the hard drive out the back
Wide Angled fins for maximum air flow
Dual Y Adapter for maximum power expansion
Lifetime Warranty-(for your computerís life, not yours, no matter how connected they are)

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