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Thin HD Cooler

"Cooling your HD won't make it faster, but it will expend it's lifetime and reliability."

A couple of years ago, if someone would have told me about a hard drive cooler, I probably would of ask myself what the hell he was smoking! But today, with drives spinning at 7200 rpm and even 10k rpm, heat can become an important issue.

There solution to this heat problem described above. The thin drive cooler. It's a compact and inexpensive cooling solution for your scorching HD. Cooling your HD won't make it faster, but it will expend it's lifetime and reliability. The unit design is pretty simple; it's basically a 60mm fan that blows underneath your HD, pushing the hot air away from it. My homemade HD cooler works much the same way. The low power consumption, quiet operation and the 20 CFM of blowing power are all good aspects of this unit. Here are some detailed specifications:

Air flow: 20 CFM
Fan speed: 4000 rpm
Fan type: ball bearing
Noise: 25 dba
Power: 12 V, 0.16 A, 1,92 W
Dimensions: 125x100x14 (LxWxH in mm)
MTBF: 45 000 Hrs
Connection: 4 pin (Between HD and power supply connector)

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