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Starwars Episode 1: Racer

"You can choose from a number of pod racers, and a bunch of different characters taken directly from the movie."


That is the first word that comes to my mind every time I play this game. Imagine yourself being propelled at speeds up to 900 kph flying though very narrow openings and soaring off cliffs, all just 4 feet off the ground! That is exactly how the Starwars Episode 1: racer is, and more, all set in the familiar starwars universe.

You can choose from a number of pod racers, and a whole bunch of different characters taken directly from the movie. Among the more known few is Anikan skywalker, a.k.a. young darth vader. The pod racers, just like in the movie are no more then 2 giant engines connected to a pod seat through 2 long control cables. The engines are linked by a strong magnetic charge so that one engine does not go off in 1 direction, and the other in another.

The normal in-game controls are a breeze. You can use either a joystick, game pad, or the good old keyboard for controls. Surprisingly, the in game controls are very easy, for arcade race veterans, and newbies alike. Moves consist of the basic turn right, turn left, go, brake, and some more advanced features such as banking, and the turbo speed mode (take my advice, use this with caution or you will find yourself either off a cliff, or in a pile of wreckage on the side of the road).

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