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Super Duper Slot Fan

"The name for the fan is almost bigger than the fan itself."

Today I am reviewing the 3DCOOL.com Super Duper Slot Fan. This fan is the successor to the successful 3DCOOL.com Super Slot Fan. Never to much of a good thing right? The name for the fan is almost bigger than the fan itself. It is also a good tongue-twister, try saying ďSuper Duper Slot Fan,Ē ten times fast. Not that easy is it? Yes I know that was off the topic but I canít make every review I write the same. From now on we will refer to it as the SDSF or the 3DCOOL.com SDSF. I just donít feel like typing out Super Duper Slot Fan for this whole entire review. 3dcool.comís SDSF is designed to take up one ďslotĒ in your computer. It doesnít fit into the motherboard or anything like that but if you look at the picture you will see what I mean. This thing definitely matches its name. Its a Super Duper Fan that conveniently fits in a slot.

This brings me to the first thing you must do, install it. Installation was quite simple and the instructions provided clears up any questions that you may have. More detailed ones would have been nice but you canít have everything. 3Dcool.com states that installation will take under 60 seconds. I donít know about that but installation was pretty fast. I know you are probably wondering how this thing is supposed to work. What it does it do? It takes the hot air that your video card produces and puts it out of the case. In other words it takes all they hot air it can and blows it out the case. Another one of those simple but great concepts. This really helps in keeping your video card cooler (or whatever card the fan is removing heat from). It will also help you in overclocking your video card to new heights. It will fit perfectly next to a tnt2 or voodoo3 providing that you donít have a card in the slot next to your video card. While this thing is small it still packs quite a punch.

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