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Slave Zero

"Slave Zero is unlikely to present itself to you as Mechwarrior style gameplay..."

It is 500 years in the future.

Man and machine are virtually one.

And the greatest mega city in the world is locked in a brutal war.

You are the ultimate saboteur and part of an elite fighting force.

Your mission (should you choose to except it): Steal the largest, most sophisticated biomechanical attack weapon ever designed and kick some serious ass!

Sound like the introduction to yet another Sci-Fi flick made with plastic robots, combined with all the acting skills of a walrus? Well you'd be right but then you'd also be wrong because Slave Zero is one game that takes mechwarrior style combat to new levels.

Another Mechwarrior style game?

Slave Zero is unlikely to present itself to you as Mechwarrior style gameplay, it is on a terrific and unbelievable scale but it's no Mechwarrior. Instead it takes the city warfare idea from Shogo: Mobile Armour Division and adds insatiable depth, visually eye scraping effects and a feeling of action gaming that even our monkeys hung upside down over.

Imagine if you will that a war is going on inside massive cities between two opposing human forces. These human forces dress up in 100-200foot high exoskeletons of metal that tower the skylines and carry weapons about the size of 6 double decker busses mashed together. You can be pretty sure that your average Joe bank robber isn't going to think about a fight when face to face with one of these bad boys, nor for that matter are the staff of Speedy3D.

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