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SkyHawk Eagle Aluminum ATX Case

"Aluminum has always been one of the prime elements used in all kinds of computer products."

Aluminum has always been one of the prime elements used in all kinds of computer products. Having many uses from heatsinks to use in central processing unit cores, aluminum has a broad range of uses. However, aluminum hasn't been used very much in computer cases until recently. It seems that the stylish look, and lightweight (not to mention heat dissipation capabilities) of aluminum has made is a prime candidate for ATX (and even laptop) computer cases.

Lian-Li has been one of the only good manufacturers of consumer grade aluminum cases for quite sometime. A lesser-known company by the name of Skyhawk Computer Group (based in Asia) has entered the market with their own high end line of aluminum ATX cases. The Al-ATX4381D-SL, which is the subject of this examination, is priced at $140, and can also come in other colors since the aluminum has been anodized*.


These specifications were taken right from the press literature supplied with this case:

  • Anodized* aluminum alloy chassis
  • All aluminum case lowers the system internal temperature
  • Lightweight - almost half the weight of steel chassis
  • Nonmagnetic - protects components inside
  • Corrosion & Oxidation Resistance
  • Thumbscrews for covers
  • CPU Ventiduct - 8x8fan inside the ventiduct located right above the CPU to directly vent the hot air from the CPU
  • Internal Fan - Another 8x8 internal fan mounted on the supporting arm helps to draw the air our to cool down the CPU & Ram chips
  • Optional Intake Fan - 8x8 fan can be mounted on the back of face plate to increase outside cold air intake (our unit did not have this)
  • Adjustable Card Holder - four adjustable card holder mounted on the supporting arm can hold the cards firmly in the slots while systems are being shipped
  • Front Peripheral Access - USB ports, joystick port, audio jacks, volume control, IEEE1394 port
  • AMD & Pentium 4 compatible 300W (330W surge) power supply (no need for special adapters when using a Pentium 4)
  • Colors: Ivory, Black, Silver, Violet, and Gold

*Anodizing is a type of electrolysis used to place a protective oxide coating on metal. The metal acts as the anode (positive pulse) of an electrolytic cell. Negatively charged oxide ions pass through a solution called an electrolyte, and oxidize the surface of the metal. Special treatments give the metal a porous outside layer that can absorb dyes. This makes it possible to produce colored surfaces that cannot be rubbed or scratched.

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