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Overclockerz GFD Review

"Installation of the GFD itself is a piece of cake."

It seems that not to long ago a guy named Tom Pabst discovered the secret to the magical "golden fingers" atop the AMD Athlon processor. As it seemed by attaching a little device (the gold finger device) you could unlock your Athlon and set new speeds. Early devices were crude, power hungry, and came with dangling wires that were extremely hard to work with. Now nearly one year later many hard-core technology and overclocking specialist companies are manufacturing cheaper and easier to use devices under their own brand name.

The newest GFD to hit the streets from The Overclockerz Store promises to be the cheapest, and easiest to use of all the GFD's currently on the market today. Sporting an extremely small design, no need for a connection to your power supply, along with only six dip switches to mess with. For only $20 this seems like a great bargain, especially for those who just want to "try-out" overclocking and not invest the additional $50 to buy a different device with more options.


Installation of the GFD itself is a piece of cake. Simply plug the card in with the switchboard facing the heat plate. The tricky part is taking of the Athlon's coffin like plastic casing, and unfortunately there is only one way to do it, that's manually ripping the case off.

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