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Myth II: Soulblighter

"The gameplay does not feel much different from the original, but still remains fun."

Myth II like it's predecessor is a 3D action/strategy hybrid. Instead of the player concentrating on managing resources, like in starcraft, you start your missions pre-equiped with a small army. Unlike the units, the battle field is in full 3D, in which you can rotate, twist, and turn the camera in all directions. The gameplay does not feel much different from the original, but does retain the fun of the original. Most of the original units are present, with a few new additions.

Good new units:
Warlock - can cast fireball and confusion
Heron knights - powerful version of the journeymen
Stygian knights - magic suits of armor, very powerful

Bad new units:
Mrkridia - very fast with fast attack
Maul - Big pigs, kinda like evil berserks
Bre'unor - weird wolf controlling monsters

The interface has also been tweaked to offer much easier control, but still feels fairly clunky and slow like the original.

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