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Leadtek WinFast ATA/66 Card

"Companies have been manufacturing Ultra ATA/66 hard drives for quite some time now."

Companies have been manufacturing Ultra ATA/66 hard drives for quite some time now. Currently, the majority of the mainboards in most people's computers don't support this feature. Built in ATA/66 support was a highly anticipated feature included only in the next-gen motherboards. This all changed when companies started making add-in cards that enabled the hard drive to take advantage of ATA/66 without having to buy a new motherboard. Since ATA/66 is the future, we wanted to see if it really does make a difference in performance. To find out if ATA/66 is more than just hype Leadtek has sent us their WinFast ATA/66 card for evaluation. This card is especially great for people who have motherboards that don't support ata/66 and hard disk drives that do. One major selling point for this card that leadtek is pushing is that the card supposedly has zero hardware conflict.


CMD 648 Ultra ATA/66 Chip controller
4 Supppoted IDE type IDE PIO, DMA, Multi-Word DMA, Ultra DMA 33, Ultra DMA 66 IDE Bus Transfer
Sync: 66MB/sec (with Ultra ATA/66 devices)
Data Transfer 133MB/sec (at 33MHz, 32-bit PCI) Deep DMA FIFO
PCI Integration PCI 32-bit DMA bus master support Connectors
Two Ultra ATA/66 Internal Connectors

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