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King Kong HD cooler

"With so many hard drive coolers on the market how do you choose the right one?"

This is the second hard drive cooler that I received. This one is manufactured by Global Win and is called the King Kong Hard Drive cooler. It comes in a particularly nice box, which would have attracted me, had I seen this cooler in the store. The box also clearly states its advantages and what itís for. I found this really helpful, especially if I was a newbie. Looks like Global Win has done their homework. This makes me think that if they have a good box then they certainly must have a good cooler. Unfortunately this is not the case most of the time. Hopefully this cooler will be the exception as it certainly looks like it has the cooling power to be.

That reminds me of something else that I wanted to bring up. With so many hard drive coolers on the market how do you choose the right one? They all saw that they will cool my hard drive and all look the same. Everyone wants to sell you their cooler so they will all tell you that their hard drive cooler is better than the next guys regardless of the truth. That is why I have chosen to put these hard drive coolers to the test. To find out which one lasts the longest, cools the best, and is the quietest. Yes I wont forget installation and whether or not the company includes instructions. The whole reason I am reviewing all these coolers and doing a big round-up of them is to help you decide which one to buy. I donít want you to go out and buy one that doesnít work and then feel you canít return it cause it only costs $15. I also donít want you to say, how the heck do I install this thing or, where are those instructions?

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