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Hitachi SuperScan CM761U

"With 18 inches of viewable area and an overall depth similar to a 15" display..."

If you are either planning to build or buy a ready-made computer one of the biggest investments that you will probably make will come in choosing the right display monitor that has all the features you need, yet at a reasonable price. Aside from dot pitch and supported resolutions (with respective refresh rates), one obstacle in making a final decision can be the overall size of the monitor. As we all know most of the space taken up by 17"and 19" monitors are caused by the massive size of the CRT inside the monitor. Therefore large footprints are common. Actually they were common until Hitachi NSA added the SuperScan CM761U 19" monitor to their family of SuperScan displays. With 18 inches of viewable area and an overall depth similar to a 15" display, the CM761U can save you precious workspace while at the same time provide you with superb image quality, flicker-free refresh rates at high resolutions, and also exceptional contrast at the corners and edges.

Now, let's move onto the specs...

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