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Heretic II

"This is probably one of the most fun multiplayer games since quake2 or starcraft."

Heretic II, yet another Quake II incarnation definitely feels like it's own new game. The game picks up where Hexen II left off. Even though the last serpent rider was killed, A plague has been unleashed upon the land. Not to go into too much detail, the game takes you through most of Corvas's home world in search for a cure for the plague (as usual). The game is played it in a 3ard person perspective, which gives it a refreshing new feel to the shooter genre. There are many power-ups and magical weapons. There are also an equal number of defensive potions that can be very useful in the game.

On the graphic side of the game, the visuals are very nicely done but still kindof brownish like in quake2. Although, the new weapon effects are very colorful. The artcitecture of the game's levels are incredible. Through all the cave's dungeons castles and swamps all the levels are consistently well done. The game also ships with the level making tools the designers used.


This is probably one of the most fun multiplier games since quake2 or starcraft. The game ships with the lite version of game spy (only works with Heretic II) which makes it very easy to get into a game, unlike quake 2. The multiplier games have generally lower lag then most other. There are also many power-ups that are very useful in multiplier. For example, the is a shrine where you can get a reflective power-up. This power-up (when standing still) makes you totally blend in with your surroundings. Over all I really enjoyed this game and would recommend it to anybody who are even remotely interested in shooters.

by Ryan Wissman

Visuals - 9.0 Gameplay - 8.7 Overall - 9.0



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