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Heavy Metal: FAKK2

"Created by Ritual, developers not unknown for their use of the female form and sexual innuendos..."

Cartoons have never been much of a thing for us since we were about 12, say that to the creators of Fakk2 and you'd be unconscious before you knew it. That's because the idea behind the game comes from an animated movie of the same name. A movie that not only contains cartoon versions of nudity and excessive violence, but also did a quite incredible bomb job in the charts.


From the moment it was released into cinemas, to the two minutes later when it suddenly hit VHS and finally DVD. In fact it was reported to be so excruciatingly bad that people actually left the cinema to see 'Battlefield earth' in the adjoining room. If that doesn't say something about the movie then we don't know what does, Battlefield earth for god sake! With such an element of doubt over the movie, what would the game be like? Speedy3D investigates...

Weird game, nice women

Games are said to be the product of fantasy's that inhabit our dreams, if that's so then the individual who came up with Fakk2 must have been smoking something pretty strong. Stop for a moment; try to imagine the freakiest, weird and most indescribably screwy fantasy you possibly can. Got it? If so then you've probably got some inkling just how weird Fakk2 is.

Created by Ritual, developers not unknown for their use of the female form and sexual innuendos (SiN), Fakk2 is a kind of Tomb Raider come Half Life clone. You play the role of a tall, big breasted, weapon packed, ultra feminist, bitch slapping and bug beating goddess [Ed - Hehe ultra feminist]. Packing everything from flaming swords to Uzi's and explosives, she's certainly not to be messed with.

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