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3dfxcool hddHO

"Today we will be putting 3dfxcool.comís hddHO (Hard Disk Drive High Output) cooler to the grind."

Today we will be putting 3dfxcool.comís hddHO (Hard Disk Drive High Output) cooler to the grind. We will find out how easy it installs, how well it cools, how long it lasts, and lots of other good stuff.

As I always say, if installation isnít easy the company didnít spend time on this product. While this product defies a lot of cooling rules it also defies the above sentence. While installation is hard to say the least, it is a great hard drive cooler. I will explain what Iím talking about in the following sentences. As I have previously stated, installation was a trouble but now I will explain what I mean.

To start things off the thing didnít come with instructions. At the very least they could have included a little note that said the instructions were on the web page. I was astonished that they didnít even do that. I installed the cooler with my computer shut down like most people, thus not having the ability to view instructions during installation. This was very frustrating. If you had a printer you could print the instructions but this company is assuming that you have another product. Not a good idea for any company to do. Ever. Iím going to act like their were no instructions since during installation I had nothing to refer to. The thing was easily a 2 person install without instructions. I later went back and re-installed it by myself which was much quicker, but I had the experience of previously installing it. This is the one hard drive cooler that has caused me problems during installation.

At least it had the mounting brackets attached to the heatsink. One major concern with the cooling devices of today is the audio level. A little below average in noise level which was a plus for this cooler. So far we have a hard to install and quiet hard drive cooler. Not that great, but then again we havenít gotten to the good stuff yet. The next topics we will talk about are warranty and price. 3dfxcool.com provides a lifetime warranty for this product so if anything ever goes wrong with it, they replace it. Besides that, they will even refund your purchase of the cooler including shipping costs for the first 30 days. At least they have a good warranty program.

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