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HD200 Hard drive Cooler

"This [HD200] allows the hard drive to last much longer, and run more efficiently."

Today we will be taking a look at the HD 200 Hard Drive Cooler from 2CoolTek. Many people overlook this fact, but the hard drive can be one of the hottest parts of your system. Everyone should have some special type of cooling mechanism for their hard drive. Unfortunately most people donít have a cooler for the hard drive. There is absolutely no reason not to get a cooler just for your hard drive. They are easy to install, and they keep the drive cooler. This allows the hard drive to last much longer, and run more efficiently. Since the hard drive is producing less heat when it is cooled, this also reduces overall system temperature. Besides that, most hard drive coolers can be purchased for under $30. A small price to pay compared to a new hard drive. So, as you can see, there is not any reason to not purchase a hard drive cooler. Besides increasing your current system performance it can extend the life of your hard drive. Cooling your system is one of the greatest things you can do for it, yet so many people donít. I mean a good cooling setup for your system can be under $50 and will save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. After doing all this it also increases your chance of overclocking your system =).

I received the box that contained my HD 200 Cooler for review and immediately opened it up. Everything was in the box that was supposed to be. Cooler, Screws, Mounting Rails, and InstructionsÖ..what no instructions? Nope, no instructions whatsoever were included inside the box. I donít know what the company was thinking when they decided not to include any instructions, in the box that is. There are some limited ones on the box but those donít really help. If you didnít know how to install the cooler you could also look on the web page, but that is not much help when your computer is ripped apart. I guess that no newbie to computers will be buying this cooler due to the lack of instructions. My case is not really Ďcrammedí but it doesnít have a whole lot of extra room. All I had to do was remove my hard drive, mount it with the rails and screws provided. Then I just snapped the cooler in and connected the power to my hard drive bay. I booted up my computer and everything worked fine. Installation was a snap, I just wish there were some instructions.

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