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"...Intel's i810e Mainboard is a basically a stripped down value oriented i820."

Can you say value? I hope so, because that's what FIC's newest i810e based Mainboard is all about. For those of you who have been living in cave with your hands over your ears screaming "I'm not listening", Intel's i810e Mainboard is a basically a stripped down value oriented i820. Lacking support for RamBus (but who cares anyway?), absent an AGP slot, and having built in audio/video, this board has the word "value" written all over it. On the flipside, this board does support officially FSB speeds up to 133MHz (150MHz is available but not officially supported), has support for ATA/66, and sports connectors for both Slot 1 and Socket 370 CPUs.


Intel Pentium II, Pentium III, Celeron

Intel 810e

2 DIMM Slots

Onboard Video
Embedded in 810e chipset with 4MB SDRAM display cache and DVMT(Dynamic Video Memory Technology)

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