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FA 420 Graphics chipset cooler

"A video card works like a person."

Today I am reviewing an FA 420 Video Card Cooler from 2cooltek. Global Win is the company who manufactures the coolers and 2cooltek sells it for them. As we all know, the whole point of a video card cooler is to keep the video card cool. By doing this it greatly enhances your ability to overclock your video card. Something we all want, right? I mean címon who doesnít want a faster video card? You canít really go wrong with getting a video card cooler. Even if your video card wonít overclock anymore at least you have one that is less likely to overheat. But, most people expect a video card cooler to overclock their video card more. The main reason is that they voided the warranty to put it on and spent about $15 to get the cooler. In most cases if your video card can overclock adding a cooler will help it. With a cooler you are more likely to reach the top speed of the video card because of reduced heat.

A video card works like a person. The hotter they get the more likely something is to go wrong with them and the slower they work. When itís hot people donít feel good when they are working hard. On the other hand when people feel nice and cool they work hard and longer. That is how your video card operates. Now you can easily see why everyone should get a cooler for their video card. Even if it doesnít overclock or you donít want to overclock it you should still get one. The point Iím trying to get across is this: Buy a video card cooler. You should have no problem living without the manufacturers warranty but if you do, then donít get one. If you donít want to lose your warranty and install a video card cooler you are not out of luck. There are some video card coolers that can be installed without removing your factory heatsink. They just hook onto the factory heatsink, and keep the warranty. That sounds good but I havenít seen them advertised much. This is a good alternative for people who want a cooler but also want the company to replace their $150 video card if something ever goes wrong. For now though I just recommend that you keep the factory heatsink on your video card and donít mess with it if you want to keep the warranty.

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