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"The scrolling on the EMS is much smoother than any other mousepad that I have previously owned."

The product I received for the review was the Large Attack Pad. I received a letter from them in the box that since all Small Attack Pads were gone, at no extra cost a large one was provided. That was sure nice of them to send me a product for free that I wasn’t paying for in the first place…………..=). Anyway, onto the short but sweet review. The Large Attack Pad that I received is pretty good sized. It was just the right size for me though. I don’t have that big of hands so I wouldn’t want to imagine how cramped the small attack pad would have been. I guess you would only want it for cramped spaces or people with tiny hands. This mousepad is also quite thick, which is a plus. The scrolling on the EMS is much smoother than any other mousepad that I have previously owned. I tested it on a couple of games such as Quake2, and half-life and I noticed the improvement right away.

Scrolling the web was also much easier, too. But it doesn’t much that big of a difference. This leads me to believe that this mousepad was designed for gamers. It certainly does exceed at that(games), but that is quite a small portion of the market. I only have one quibble about this mousepad. That is, that your wrist really get sores after a while. The edges are sanded good enough but the desk is simply too hard. What I did to make it more comfortable was too position the mousepad vertically on the desk. Then I got my old rubber foam mouse pad and placed it over the bottom quarter of the mousepad. My wrist did not get sore at all once I did this. So I got a smooth scrolling surface that is comfortable. What Everglide should have done was create that be placing some soft rubber foam at the end of the mousepad. Overall, this is an excellent product and I would recommend it to anyone. It is also available at a very good price. (Below is the small attack pad).

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