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"Elsa is a company based in Europe and not too well known among gamers."

Over the past couple of months it seems that I have seen a million different TNT2 based cards. Either based on the value TNT2 chip (125/150MHz) or the Ultra TNT2 (150/183MHz), the board manufactures rarely add anything extra, with the exception of a few (Hercules comes to mind). With the ERAZOR III based on the vanilla TNT2 (125/150MHz), what could Elsa possibly offer to make it stand out from the crowd? Let's find out.

Elsa is a company based in Europe and not too well known among gamers. Elsa's primary focus has been in OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and graphics workstations. Though, After seeing how high the demand is for gaming graphic cards, and how much money there is to be made, Elsa decided to jump onto the TNT and TNT2 bandwagon. This was when the ERAZOR series was born.

Never venturing too far away from factory specifications, and Nvidia reference board design plans, Elsa's boards never seem to have anything very innovative about them. The ERAZOR III is no exception. The board looks almost exactly like the reference board, the only thing that is missing is the fan. The drivers are also not to different from the Nvidia reference drivers either. Elsa only added a couple of branding logos to make the drivers display seem authentic. Anyway, stability and quality have always been Elsa's prime goal, and by following reference design plans, this is a goal they meet or exceed in every product they make.

Now, on to the features.

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