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StarCraft: Brood Wars

"Only Blizzard would have the time and power to add and balance new units in the game."

Brood Wars is the Official Starcraft add-on pack by Blizzard Entertainment. This new add-on pack adds a total of 6 new units (2 per race) many new multiplayer maps (about 100) and 3 new terrain tile sets (Twilight, Desert, and Snow which is my personal favorite). Despite all the new enhancements the new units are the highlight of the add-on pack. Only Blizzard would have the time and power to add and balance new units in the game.

For the ever powerful protoss the new units consist of, The dark Templar (not new but now buildable) The Dark Archon, and The flying unit the corsair. The dark Archon like the Archon requires 2 dark templars to build, but is well worth it. Unlike the Archon it has no attack, but has 3 powerful spells, the ability to gain control any unit for ever (very useful if you can gain control of a builder unit like a terran SCV, which will enable you to build any of the terran units. The Corsair is a new air unit that is fairly cheap, and has a weak attack but, has a very special power that makes it a great unit. The new power is called web generator and yields any enemy unit, or structure under it's influence unable to attack you.


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