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Abit BH6 Mainboard

"Right now, one of the hottest mainboards on the market, Abit's BH6 mainboard is the overclockers dream, and a sure fire winner."

One of the hottest mainboards on the market, Abit's BH6 mobo is the overclockers dream, and a sure fire winner. The Abit boards all come with there special Soft Menu bios device. The Soft Menu II let's you easily overclock, or install a new CPU without ever needing to play with jumper blocks on the board. This feature alone makes the Abit BH6 one of the best motherboards out. But instead of yapping about how great this mainboard is I will just list all the features and explain why they are good or bad, and give you a few benchmark scores.

What Comes in the box:

Manual- Very well thought out, gives you a run-down of all the features and how they work.
Board- you may want to make sure that is there.
1 floppy cable and IDE cable- pretty standard, but should have come with 2 IDE cables.
Install cd- This cd has a link to there web site and drivers for the Ultra DMA option.
Celeron and Pentium II mounts
- Standard mounts for the celeron and pentium II processor
440BX Intel Chipset
- Standard 440BX chip. Has a heatsink on it. 5 PCI 2 ISA 1 AGP slot(s)

Installation: Installation went smooth as silk. First, I whipped out my old mainboard and put that away. Then, I simply attached the mainboard to my case back via screws. I then popped back in all my periphinalia and attached my CPU and booted up. Instead of spending my time working with little tiny jumper blocks I used the Soft Menu II to set my CPU. This is probably the most powerful feature in the BH6 becuase it makes it much easier to overclock. All you have to do is set the cpu settings in the software bios and reboot.

Benchmarks: I found the board very easy to overclock due to the soft menu II, so I also benchmarked it overclocked.

Test System:

Abit BH6 Mainboard Celeron 300a w/128k cache
10 Gb Maxtor Diamond max HD
64mb Corsair PC100 sdram
Intergraph intense 3d voodoo 6mb
Sound Blaster LIVE! Value
zip 100
3.5" floppy
32x cd-rom

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