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Belkin Classic USB Keyboard

"This keyboard offers a traditional layout, and has a few unique features."

Since keyboards are something that we use everyday we have decided to go ahead and evaluate one. The keyboard that we received for evaluation was Belkin's Classic USB Keyboard. This keyboard offers a traditional layout, and has a few unique features. The unique features that I am talking about are USB, making it truly plug and play, an excellent value, while not really a feature and wrist rest, for comfort.


As is the case with all USB devices, this keyboard is easy to install and can be plugged in while the computer is in operation. That is an advantage over PS/2 devices that must be plugged in when the computer is out of operation.


· Easy Plug-and-Play installation and hot pluggable operation
· QuietTypeś technology offers quiet operation with exceptional tactile response
· Includes three Windows keys for easy access to start and context menus
· Works with Windows 98 and Mac OS 8.1 or higher Full Lifetime Belkin Warranty

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