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3dfxCOOL Voodoo Cooler

"This won't void the warranty of your video card."

When Video Card's were first manufactured they emitted practically no heat whatsoever. A great deal has changed since then and now video cards have high clock speeds, hot chipsets, and millions of aluminum transistors. With all those transistors giving off so much heat, cooling them has become an obsession. The customary chipset heatsink that most graphics card company's use usually isn't enough to effectively cool the video card. This fact at least warrants a look at other cooling solutions for your video card. With that in mind, 3dfxcool has sent us the Voodoo Cooler. This is a video card cooler that will add two 52mm fans to help reduce the temperature of your video card. It doesn't fit "on" your video card's chipset or require you to remove the heatsink. This won't void the warranty of your video card, and since most people value the warranty of their video card, this cooler has already started off on an excellent stride. It also allows you to leave the factory heatsink on, which will further enable it to cool your video card.


Installation was tremendously easy and presented me with zero problems whatsoever. The cooler fits nicely on the "top" of the side of the card no matter what card you are putting it on. Instructions were included in the box and are also available on-line, but there is no demand for them.

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