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ActionTec USB Call-Waiting Modem

"you can surf the Internet, and take calls simultaneously."

Ever since the begging of the Internet revolution, most people have been using lowly dial-up modems for their Internet access. The vast majority of constant Internet goer's have always had 1 major problem; their phone line would be tied up while on the net. One cure for this is to simply get a second phone line, use one for the Internet, and the other for normal calling. Whereas this is good, it can often be costly, and not worth the hassle in the long run. Now, with the release of the Actiontec USB call waiting modem you can surf the Internet, and take calls simultaneously.

The ActionTec call waiting modem works much the same way as a phone with call waiting. When receiving a call while on the Internet, the modem will ring 4 times, you can either pick up the call, or leave it to ring and keep surfing away on the Internet. If you choose to pick up the phone, you have approximately 7 seconds to talk before being disconnected from the Internet. While this may seem like a very short amount of time (and it is), you need to keep in mind that you are both connected to the internet, and talking on the phone at the same time for those 7 seconds.

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