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Acer Ergo 61 Keyboard

"I found this keyboard to be incredibly comfortable."

In the beginning there were keyboards. They were white, had the same number of keys, and all conformed to the standard rectangular design. If you were to line up a hundred of them in a row they would look like a bunch of children wearing uniforms. Times have changed! One day someone decided to break the mold and design a “revolutionary” keyboard. Ever since then keyboards have been constantly changing and becoming more comfortable to use. The Acer Ergo 61 Keyboard is a prime example of that. (Refer to picture). Now the review!

I received the product in the full retail packing which was particularly nice, since most review products come in non-retail bare bones packing. This way I can evaluate the product fairly. The Keyboard and onboard “mouse” both installed quite nicely with the provided drivers. The drivers were actually for the “mouse” since a keyboard usually has no need for them.

Now I will cover the most important issue on a keyboard, its comfort. I found this keyboard to be incredibly comfortable. It far outpaces any other keyboard on the market in this area. I have not ever used a keyboard that has been more comfortable than this one. Never. The ergonomic design was perfect for me. Some people might find the keys to be a little big, but since I have big hands, the keys were great for me. That’s another thing, if you do have big hands then I would particularly recommend this keyboard to you! I Love this Keyboard. No Acer didn’t pay me to make any of those statements, they just made a great product. Obviously they care about their customers, unlike some companies, which I will leave unnamed. So far we have an ergonomic keyboard that is comfortable and easy to install.

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