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Windows 98 special addition

"Its purpose is to fix Y2K problems that Microsoft is still finding in Win 98."

Microsoft is currently working on an add-on for Windows 98. Its purpose is to fix Y2K problems that Microsoft is still finding in Win 98. Though on a better note, they said that a plethora of these problems would not happen in daily computer use. Most of the bugs were found in Microsoft's new release of IE 5.0. Some problems occur in international versions of Visual Basic, Dos XCOPY, and obviously Internet Explorer.

Within the next week Microsoft hopes to release the fix on the Windows Update website. The add-on, Microsoft Windows 98 Special Edition, is due later this year. There are three main things that Special Edition will fix. The OLE Automation Library routines for interpreting two-digit years cuts off years at 2029, so two-digit years with "30" will be interpreted as 1930 instead of 2030, regardless of the date settings. Another program that will conflict with the dates in the year 2000 is DOS XCOPY, because it uses recognizes dates in the international form instead of standard form. It will not recognize 00 as 2000. International versions of Windows 98 that use a non-Gregorian calendar will give an error in certain Visual Basic applications that use dates. This does not affect English versions of Windows 98.

At Microsoft's website, you can check to see if your software will make it in Y2K era. You can also check your C++ code and learn how to change it for the year 2000. Another resource to for Y2K is the Windows Update homepage. The sweatshop workers; err... I mean skilled professionals will be updating the downloads constently for the latest changes. Keep your eyes pealed for that.

Hopefully, Microsoft will release Special Editon 98 for August or September because with the software competition out there today, there has got to be someone else programming a fix for Y2K. Another scare is that if they don't get the fix some really concerned people may just switch away from Windows and go to Linux or another OS. They are just the extremes, I know I will be waiting for MS Special Editon to come out.

by Rich Golaszewski



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