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Unreal mission pack: return to Na Pali

"This new expansion pack is the first official expansion to be released by Epic themselves."

Return to Na Pali is Epic's long awaited expansion pack to their groundbreaking first person shooter unreal. This new expansion pack is the first official expansion to be released by Epic themselves. It puts many new features into the game including new weapons, monsters, and also a hopefully good new story line.

Return to Na Pali takes place right where the original unreal left off. The escape pod you left the planet in has been caught in a tracker beam by the UMS Bodega, a "good guy" military ship with a mission. Another more important ship (the prometheus) has crash landed on the planets surface. That ship was carrying secret weapon plans which are going to be salvaged by the UMS Bodega. Your mission is to recover the plans. In return you get a full pardon from whatever crimes you have committed in the past.

There are 3 new weapons to help you on your quest this time around. Hopefully the new weapons won't be such a bummer as the originals were (remember the pistol, a.k.a "squirt gun"?). First of the 3 is the grenade launcher. Not to different from the grenade launcher in Quake2 this new weapon ports 1 new feature, mine laying, which is detonated from a remote detonator in your control. Next is the combat assault rifle or the CAR. This is a huge rapid fire assault machine gun, think chaingun from Quake2. Finally the most impressive of them all, the rocket launcher. The rocket launcher acts similarly to any other except that after you launch a rocket it deploys fins, and gains speed after it leaves the canister. Also, using the secondary fire, you can guide the rocket much like the way you do with half-life's rocket launcher.

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