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Nvidia NV10

"We know that Nvidia’s is going to crush some serious pixels, polygons, and triangles."

Nvidia’s upcoming chipset could be one of the most hyped graphics cards ever. We all know that 3dfx's next is going to be named Napalm, and going to kick butt. We also know that Nvidia is going to crush some serious pixels, polygons, and triangles with it's next product. Nvidia seems very sly this time about releasing info about unreleased products, especially after the TNT. Their public relation manager can’t comment on unreleased products but engineers can? Nvidia planned this all out to release this “unofficial” next Gen. graphics card specs to a big gaming magazine. Hundreds of Thousands of people are going to read it and say WOW! I must have this card. This also protects Nvidia because if they don’t come through with exactly what their engineer said, it shouldn't hurt them too much because it wasen't an official press release. Personally, I think this is Nvidia’s strategy to combat 3dfx.

Recently had a chance to talk with Derek Perez of Nvidia, and he said that full-scene anti-aliasing would be possible in the near future. Well, the future has a way of sneaking up on us. Now I’m not guaranteeing full-scene anti-aliasing from Nvidia but its definitely going to be something to consider. Also remember those beautiful FMV’s that we have all seen in computer and playstation games. We all dreamed that someday those FMV graphics would be the graphics for the whole entire game. Well, this card may amaze you, in more ways than one!

I think that you will see more and more FMV's (Full Motion Video) turning into gameplay with the release of Nvidia’s new Crush-All chipset. But, don't expect it to happen all at once because everyone isn’t going to buy this card the day it’s released. One thing that people are over-looking on this card is it's high-resolution capabilities. Expect it to have support for a 1800x1440 resolution if the game supports it. And also expect it to support that resolution in 32-bit color at a highly playable frame rate. Heck, to get this card’s true performance out we are going to have to run 3 benchmarks from 3 different games all at the same time! Frames per second will become Frames per millisecond with this graphics card.

Expect High Speed Ram and a High Speed Chipset. This card will feature 32meg and 64meg versions. That will make us high resolution, high color nerds pee our pants. We’ll hopefully not, but that’s another story. That also allows for a higher Z-buffer which is good. Think massive texture sizes like 5012 x 5012. Now that would be sweet to say the least. As you can expect it will have razor sharp 2D quality by using a 350mhz RAMDAC, where the only thing better would have been a 400mhz RAMDAC. This card will also need to support advanced types of shading and lighting which were not possible before this card. Oh yeah and talk about System Integrator and OEM Design wins. If Nvidia can supply this card to them at the right price NVIDIA will be needless to say, raking in the dough.

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