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Massive Entertainment

"We are considering an add-on pack but we haven't announced anything just yet."

Recently we had the pleasure of speaking with Martin Walfisz of Massive Entertainment regarding their smash hit, Ground Control.

Speedy 3D: Do you have anything else planned for Ground Control, perhaps a nice free mission pack (just like we saw with Unreal Tournament), or even a retail expansion pack?

Martin Walfisz: We are considering an add-on pack but we haven't announced anything just yet. We will release additional free multiplayer maps.

Speedy 3D: Ground Control is very system intensive, were/aren't you worried some people might by the game and find it running to slow to be playable? Even with detail right down it seems to gain little speed compared to being right up.

Martin Walfisz: We have tried to create a very scaleable engine. It takes some playing around with the options, but if you lower the view distance, unit detail and terrain detail it should be very playable even on slower computers. Of course it looks better on top-of-the-line equipment.

Speedy 3D: What's it like being one of the only Swedish games developer in... well... Sweden? By the way, really enjoyed Uppsala (No, I know the spelling is incorrect) when I was how there last year, plenty of drunk student women… Lovely =).

Martin Walfisz: LOL. Sweden doesn't haven many experienced game developers but there is a lot of enthusiastic and talented people. We are a little isolated from the rest of the industry but that's both good and bad. Of course it would be cool to be able to take a beer with you guys a little more often (and not have to fly for 20 hours to do that). Uppsala is spelled just like you spelled it. Haven't been there much, but there is a lot of nice women down in Malmö too. We're expanding down there during the summer. No, not because of the women. ;)

Special thanks go out to Martin Walfisz for taking the time to do this (short) interview with us.

by Ryan Wissman & Mark 'KILLZAT' Jackson

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