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"First download BurnIn test, and install it on your computer."


[Download BurnIn]

First download BurnIn test, and install it on your computer. It is equipped with an easy to use self-installer. After installing it, double click the icon created on your desktop. Before any tests can be run, the settings need to be changed to insure the test performs the way we want it.

1. Click on "Configuration" at the top, and scroll down to "Test Preferences".
2. Make sure nothing is checked but "Math" and "MMX instructions". (Otherwise it will be hard to single out if the processor is the direct cause or not.)
3. Click the Go button

[Download Prime 95]

After downloading and installing Prime95, right of the bat it asks you to sign up for the distributing computer project. While distributed computing is an incredible technology, and has a bright future of leasing CPU cycles in return for income; it is not necessary to use the torture test.

1. Click cancel (unless you would like to sign up). (No options need to be changed for the purpose of this test.)
2. Click on Options > Torture test.

The torture test will then commence, and run until manually stopped. We recommend at least 12 hours of continuos testing, and 24 to be absolute.

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