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"What do you get when you cross a PIII 600e with an Alpha P3125, a Creative Annihilator Pro and a whole lot of cooling?"

Fist off, disclaimer. If you break your gear, suck it up. The manufacturer is not going to reimburse you, and neither are we. If you try any of the crazy things found in this article, just remember the potential for disaster is always present.

I first conceived this system in November. There are a great many articles/threads discussing the insane overclockability of the PentiumIII "Coppermine" processors. The most desirable processor of the bunch is, in my mind the slot 1 600e. Why you ask? Simple, 6x133 equals 800 Mhz. I also liked the slot 1 version because, although you can strap an Alpha P3125 on a flip chip, it is not nearly as elegant. Keep in mind however there may be an advantage (for some of you) in choosing a flip chip simply because the now infamous IWill Slocket 2 allows users to jumper the front side bus, and voltage on the adapter itself. The disadvantage is that to use an oversized heatsink/fan combo you may need to relocate the resistors on the Iwill to the reverse side of the adaptor. This procedure is definitely not for the faint of heart, as you can easily destroy a $30 adaptor. Since most enthusiasts have jumperless front side bus/voltage manipulation as a feature of their main board, the slot 1 PIII is probably the best choice.

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