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Restoring Old Monitors

"Garage sales have been the home of many old monitors..."

As new computer hardware comes and goes; endless money is shelled out for upgrades and new systems. All the while monitors tend to stay along for the ride. After all, once you have a good monitor, there is hardly reason to buy another one. While you want to keep your monitor around for as long as possible, time can put deterioration on you're once prized imaging screen. When your screen becomes fuzzy, dim, and washed out, its not always time to shell out your hard-earned money for a new monitor.

Garage sales have been the home of many old monitors, while two-three years old; it's hard not to find a use for a good working monitor. Giving it to a friend, donating it, selling it, or even using it for your self. While most monitors found at a garage sale may not be in peek performance, they can be juiced up to work like new.

Lots of old monitors are well with in the repair zone, most of which can be done with in the privacy of your own home.

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