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Gear of the Year 1999

"I think you'll find this the most honest, and comprehensive "gear of the year" ever."

Welcome to the first annual addition of the Speedy 3D "Gear of the Year" awards. In this article we tried to pick and choose the best computer hardware related products of 1999 and list them all here with an explanation of why we chose them, and our thoughts on each item. Our choices were based on price and performance. If a product is extremely expensive, but only offers a 5% performance increase over the product that is $200 less, we choose the cheaper one. I think you'll find this the most honest, and comprehensive "gear of the year" ever.

You should find this guide both enlightening, and helpful when it comes time to choose your next computer upgrade. You may or may not agree with some of our choices, but for the most part I am sure you will enjoy reading our thoughts on each item. -Ryan.

Best Video Card

Elsa Erazor X
Review: Coming Soon…
Price: $289

Touting a superior fill and triangle rate on top of GPU Transform and Lighting capabilities; this card is true video nirvana. Being able to push nearly 15 million triangles per second and 480 million pixels per second (120MHz core, 4 rendering pipelines), and packed with 32MB of RAM, Elsa's Erazor X is a true fighter. You shouldn't go buying the GeForce to play last year's games as you're not going to see a great performance boost. The GeForce is next-generation ready, able and willing to run all of next years games at incredible speeds.

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