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Holiday Game Guide - 1999

"Looking for a game this holiday season but can't decide which one to get?"

A game for the holidays?

Looking for a game this holiday season but can't decide which one(s) to buy? If you're rich then selecting your PC games will be no problem, but to the ordinary punter that decision will be a much harder one. This holiday season among some of the hot games are; Unreal Tournament, Quake 3, Age of Empires 2, Theme Park World, Rally Championship as well as the older titles you could not afford a month ago. Let's take a look at the options.

What is there?

There are hundreds, upon hundreds, of PC games already out on the store shelves. I'll take a look at the some that are out, and some that are not, but all scheduled for a Holiday release. The two biggies of the year to be released are Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament. Quake 3 is the third title in the Quake series but set to be dramatically different then the other two. It's focused on multiplayer battles rather than the 1 player adventure seen in Quake 2, Quake and Half-Life. Unreal Tournament is also like Quake as it is also focused on the multiplayer element unlike its adventure prequel, Unreal. As well as those two beauties there are a host of other titles coming out worth a mention:

* Theme Park World
* Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation
* Codename Eagle
* Official Formula 1 Racing '99
* Grand Prix World
* Daikatana
* Pharaoh
* Rally Championship
* Age of Empires 2
* Le Mans 24 Hour

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