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PlayStation 2

"Graphically speaking it was hard to see anything that a Dreamcast or GeForce2 couldn't handle..."

The PlayStation is old and despite that many people own one and that includes us, although if you asked why we'd likely say several things. Firstly there are hundreds of games and a lot of variety in them, not just useless arcade clones. Secondly there's the price, both games and the console are now extremely cheap and often well worth the money. The last thing is simply because it's a fashion accessory, people just expect you to own one, women and men alike.

Now the PlayStation2 looks set to break onto the British shores and ECTS'2000 was the first place to see just what the mighty Sony had to say about it all. Being keen console gamers we lifted our dreamcast/pc pride and wondered over and inside the grey and white colours of 'Sony Central'.


Graphically speaking it was hard to see anything that a Dreamcast or GeForce2 couldn't handle, although that remains to be seen later after its been launched. One thing's for sure, the chipset inside the PS2 is not only fast, but carries some of the most special effect rich visuals you've ever seen.

There's not much more to say about it until it hits the streets around Christmas or early 2001, although it looks like Dreamcast is dead =). We love our DCs, but the PS2 has got more intelligent games than the Dreamcast and is aimed more at adults than kids, which simply means games can be more graphic and adult.

How it'll fair against either the X-Box or the Dreamcast we'll have to wait and see, although with nearly a year of catching up to do it's still got a long way to go once released.

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