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"OffRoad is a game about; yes you guessed it, off road racing."

OffRoad is a game about; yes you guessed it, off road racing. In this case Rage Software have opted for a more unique style of 4x4 vehicle and gone for dune buggies as their racers of choice. Last years event allowed us to see OffRoad in action for the first time, with some sketchy graphics the two things that stood out were the physics and controls.

This year's event is much the same; accept now OffRoad is looking just about complete despite a few texture problems.

Flip, twist, turn and ahhhhhhh

OffRoad is easily the most thrill seeking racer we've ever encounter, it makes the smooth physical prowess of 'Need For Speed 5' look unplayable and the madness of Motocross seem stable. This is due in part to the graphics and the radical way it helped to twist and turn the track design, but mostly to the perfection of controls and physics.

From the moment your figure slips onto the accelerator you're heavily bouncing over bumps and rocks, twisting, thumping and then twisting again. It's a radical yet hugely realistic affair; you can actually feel the weight of your hefty buggy as it comes crashing back onto the track after a jump. The motions, the turns, everything feels just right and we mean that!

Initial Conclusion

OffRoad is almost ready to go gold, given another month or two and it should be on store shelves ready to buy, and buy it you MUST! The game is one of the first since 'Monster Truck Madness' that truly forces you to use clever, yet simplistically implemented, gear changes to judge hills and bumps correctly. Flying over them is a load of fun, but it could cost you the race if not done correctly.

So to sum things up, the sound is top, the graphics are above average but nothing special and the controls/physics are near perfect. The AI still needs some work though, in buggy racing you tend to take out more opponents then end up winning the race. However in the version we saw there could have been more carnage, or at least an option to set such a thing on or off.

That aside and this is one title you're going to want on that Christmas list.

Developer - Rage Software
Publisher - Rage Software
Website - http://www.rage.co.uk
Release - Q4-2000

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