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Computer Home Entertainment System

"Nothing makes music more enjoyable than a powerful sound system."

Upon waking up on a bright Saturday morning, a short venture to the home entertainment system for an early movie, and some channel surfing can be an excellent way to start a nice relaxing day. Watching your favorite movie on an ultra crisp viewing screen, with incredibly precise surround sound can turn an ordinary film in to an incredible experience. Unfortunately, few are fortunate enough to have the budget to afford most Home Entertainment Systems. Often classified as a luxury, Home Entertainment Systems are often nothing more than the object of ogling at your local best buy. Up until recently, the only option was to shell out $500 for surround sound, $350 for DVD, and another $600 for the TV. Now there is a new option, turn your home computer into an incredible Home Entertainment System.


Nothing makes music more enjoyable than a powerful sound system. Sitting in the sweet spot of a surround sound system, can bring new dimensions to your old CD's. The sweet spot is the center point of all four speakers and the subwoofer, which creates a very balanced, and powerful sound.

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