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How to Build a Slot Fan

"Do you need a use for those older small 60-80mm fans..."

Do you need a use for those older small 60-80mm fans that no long supply the power to act as intake or outtake fans? Like many people, I upgraded my case fan from an 80m to a 120m fan. Finding that I had no were else to put my old fan, it ended up retiring in a storage bin. Now's the time to put your old fan to use, build a helpful slot-fan out of it. Slot-fans come in handy cooling Video Cards, tv-tunners, DVD-Decoders, and all around provide a cooler case.

This design in this guide differs slightly from retail slot fans. The slot fan will blow cool air from the bottom of the case upwards. Where retail slot-fans suck air in from above and blow it outside the case.

First, lets take a look at the fan used in this guide. This Antec fan, pushes air at 30cfm, and is rated to run at 2500rpm. Powerful enough to spout air upward throughout the case, as well as keep your cards cool. This particular fan is equipped with a three-pin connector, which plugs into the motherboard for monitoring (if supported by the mainboard). If your motherboard does not have an available three-pin connector, four-pin adapters are easily found for low costs.

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