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C&C: Red Alert 2

"The war has begun."

A bright sunrise over the crisp blue North American Ocean lights the morning sky, once cool air suddenly warms in the bight light and heats the sandy shores. Yet it's a strange morning, an eerie morning, one that seems devoid of life and yet as visually astounding as it's always been.

Without warning the ground begins to shake and people all along the serene coast dive for cover. Moments later the shadow of an armada of zeppelin like flying machines darkens the sky and at the same time the coastal horizon terns from light to grey.

Within moments the beach has been besieged by a colossal army of uncountable size, tanks raw in as if from nowhere and thousands of troops rampage up the shores in frightening form. It's an invasion and one by an army big enough to threaten the whole world, the soviets. The war has begun.

Here we go again.

Those of you less familiar with the world of 'Command & Conquer', brought to light by the likes of Westwood, may at least remember the dramatic failure of 'C&C:Tiberian Sun' (TS) not so long ago. Being one of the first to review it, we found TS to be the second poorest title from Westwood since their Dune sequel, Dune 2000. Not only was the gameplay incomplete, but it never matched up, not even close, to the sweeping claims of their PR department over a lengthy development cycle.

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