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October 16, 2000 - October 22, 2000

ASUS AGP V7700Pro Pure

posted: October 22, 2000 @ 8:41 EDT by: ryan

ixbtLABS has posted a news item on ASUS AGP V7700Pro graphics card series and the first representative - ASUS AGP V7700Pro Pure.

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ABIT BX133 RAID Review

posted: October 22, 2000 @ 8:21 EDT by: ryan

TweakTown has taken a look at the ABIT BX133 RAID Motherboard. In this review, they discuss the good and bad features, overclocking, SoftMenuIII, RAID and much more. The board is tested against a ASUS CUBX, the results may surprise you - ABIT BX133 RAID Review!

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Red Faction Preview

posted: October 22, 2000 @ 8:20 EDT by: ryan

This weekend's big preview on EuroGamer takes a look at the sci-fi shooter "Red Faction", based on a trip to publisher THQ's offices in London earlier this month for a first hand look at the latest build of the game, which is expected on both PC and PS2 next year. The preview also includes five new hi-res screenshots of the game in action.

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MS Force Feedback 2 Joystick

posted: October 21, 2000 @ 2:03 EDT by: ryan

Force feedback joystick. *drool* Force feedback joystick *drool* How do you know if it's any good though? *looks confused* Surf on over to G3D today for their latest quick review of the MS Precision Pro/Force Feedback 2 Joystick.

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Mech4 & Giants Shots

posted: October 21, 2000 @ 9:32 EDT by: ryan

GameSpy has just posted 5 exclusive Giants screens and 2 exclusive MechWarrior 4 shots for your weekend enjoyment!

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Internet Connection Sharing

posted: October 21, 2000 @ 9:31 EDT by: ryan

AciDTeCh have written a small article on Internet Connection Sharing.

"Today, lots of people have more than one computer in their household because with newer and newer systems being released each month, people tend to upgrade alot more often than they used to, but then they don't know what to do with their spare old computer. A good idea would be to network the computers, now the next problem comes into play, you'd get pretty bored if you had a computer without the internet right? I know I would. Most people can't afford to get two internet accounts so they would rather share the internet with their other computer. Don't know how? Then read on!""

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GearGrip Harness Review

posted: October 20, 2000 @ 8:44 EDT by: ryan

AmbushSite have posted a new review about the GearGrip harness. A swank carrier for your PC (great for LAN parties).

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Transcend TS-AKT4 Mobo

posted: October 20, 2000 @ 4:46 EDT by: ryan

PCinsight is back at ya once again-- this time with a review of the Transcend TS-AKT4 Motherboard. Here is a clip:

"The board received for testing came equipped with the VIA 686A Southbridge which provides support for ATA/66 as opposed to ATA/100 support which the 686B provides. However, you can certainly expect to see TS-AKT4 boards to come with the newer revision in the retail market. Along with the TS-AKT4 motherboard, one will receive a comprehensive printed manual and a driver CD. Not much of a software bundle is included. Whether this fact is bad or good depends on what you are looking for. Normally, we do not pay much attention to added software but the inclusion of such is definately an added bonus."

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New WarCraft III Screenshot

posted: October 20, 2000 @ 4:45 EDT by: ryan

GameSpy has just posted a brand new exclusive screenshot taken from Blizzard's upcoming WarCraft III.

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SB Live! 5.1 Review

posted: October 20, 2000 @ 4:44 EDT by: ryan

T-Break has just published their review of Creative's new SB Live! 5.1. Here's
a bit from the review:

"The new Lives series come with 5.1 added to the name. The reason behind this is that these newer cards carrying the 5.1 label can handle Dolby Digital Decoding meaning you no longer need an expensive amplifier for decoding. The actual board look pretty much like the older card because the decoding is done by the newer version of the EMU10k1 processor. This effectively makes the Live 5.1 series the most versatile card on the market."

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The RAMSink Project

posted: October 20, 2000 @ 5:55 EDT by: ryan

PCRoddin decided to get a little wild and butcher a socket 370 heat sink to make RAMsinks for system memory. While it's not the prettiest looking heatsink, it is none-the-less effective. Check out this blurb from the review:

"Well low and behold, with the heat sinks I could attain 5 additional Mhz at Cas 3 with my generic 128Mb of PC133 RAM topping off at 155Mhz. Normally this stick of memory would hit 150Mhz, but only with Cas 3 settings. Now it would also run stable at 150 with Cas 2 settings."

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Conquest: Frontier Wars

posted: October 20, 2000 @ 5:53 EDT by: ryan

For those interested in the RTS Conquest: Frontier Wars, GameSpy has the 5th installment of their developer diary and all new screen shots.

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DFI CA64-EC Review

posted: October 20, 2000 @ 5:53 EDT by: ryan

DFI has graced The Tech Zone with yet another motherboard, the CA64-EC. This is a Socket370 VIA Apollo Pro based board, with the 686B Southbridge chipset for UDMA100. Sounds great but this new DFI motherboard appears to need some work. Find out why here.

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Technology Forum 2000

posted: October 19, 2000 @ 3:26 EDT by: ryan

ixbtLABS has posted VIA Technology Forum 2000 Coverage. This article is about the recent event held by VIA and devoted to the company's upcoming products and today's achievements. Find out a lot of exclusive stuff about DDR, newest chipsets, ACR, Information PC Platform and more in our detailed coverage.

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A Parents Guide To Games

posted: October 19, 2000 @ 3:25 EDT by: ryan

Should parents censor all games, certain games, or no games at all? These issues and others inspired Craig Wessel to tackle an ambitious project: a set of guides for parents wanting to understand computer and video games. 3DActionPlanet spoke with Craig about the guides and the topics they address.

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ATI Radeon 64MB review

posted: October 19, 2000 @ 10:37 EDT by: jc

Guru3D got their Radeon 64MB review posted for your viewing pleasure. I'm not a big ATI fan but I'm sure some of you are.

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Duron Overclocking

posted: October 19, 2000 @ 10:31 EDT by: jc

Xoverclocker has a nice article where they take a Duron 600 and overclock it up to 1160Mhz !! If my maths skillz are good, this is almost a 100% overclock (93% to be exact). Quite impressive.

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Fragmatic Mousing Surface

posted: October 19, 2000 @ 6:37 EDT by: ryan

UKGamer has posted the first UK review of the Fragmatic mousing surface. While we have all heard the praises of Everglide and Ratpad mouse surfaces, this time we look at a surface that is made in the United Kingdom and not well heard of. The design of the mat itself is slightly different from Everglide's or Ratpad's, however does this make it any more useable? Here's a clip:

"The FragMatic surface is based on resin, which measures 12.5" across, 7.75" middle (wrist cut out) to top and 8.5" from top to bottom. The middle wrist cut out helps you to position your palm so that your fingers can get right on the middle of the mat. This is something that wasn't possible with the new Everglide Giganta which frustrated me, since I was only able to use 2/3 of the surface. One of the features that strike you very quickly is the low profile of this mat."

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$1000 GHz System

posted: October 19, 2000 @ 6:10 EDT by: ryan

The Tech Zone has posted a Value System Buyer's Guide for your reading pleasure. In it they show you how to build a 1000Mhz computer for less than $1000! That includes the monitor too! Talk about band for the buck!

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New Leaked 3dfx Drivers

posted: October 19, 2000 @ 6:09 EDT by: ryan

3dchipset.com has informed us that new leaked drivers from 3dfx are floating around. In this leaked driver, there is an updated OpenGL ICD from 3dfx.

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Plextor 12/10/32 Review

posted: October 19, 2000 @ 6:08 EDT by: ryan

Neoseeker has posted a review of the Plexwriter 12x10x32x cdwriter from Plextor. This is one fast writer, and with a 12X write speed, 10X rewrite speed and Burnproof technology, Plextor has released another drive which really merits the name of Plextor. Here's a quote:

"But the PlexWriter 12/10/32 drive is using a patent technology called “Burn proof” which was actually developed by Sanyo and stands for Buffer Under RuN –to create a CD at maximum speeds and with NO errors! That’s quite a lot to boast about –because most people who currently have a CD-R or CD-RW drive have witnessed the “disk creation failed” message more times than JJ belted out "Dyno~mite!" on the Good-times show."

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D-Link DMP-100 MP3 Player

posted: October 18, 2000 @ 3:21 EDT by: ryan

Our good friends over at Penstarsys.com have posted up a review of the D-Link DMP-100 MP3 Player. This has been a very solid piece of engineering for D-Link, and is actually quite a little gem when considering the price of the product as well as the features it boasts. Here is a quote:

"USB’s time has finally come, but the DMP-100 does not utilize it. Unfortunately it still uses the parallel port for transferring files back and forth from the player. The parallel port does need to be set to ECP in the BIOS, and then Windows will need to install all the necessary files to make it work. Some very old motherboards will not have the ECP option, so do not expect the DMP-100 to work on many 386 and 486 based computers! Using the parallel port though does make sense for the many users out there that do not have USB ports (many AT style motherboards, while supporting USB, do not have the necessary USB ports to make it work)."

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Enermax 431watt PSU Review

posted: October 18, 2000 @ 3:19 EDT by: ryan

A 431watt power supply is on the reviewing block today at FrosyTech. This Enermax power supply has proved to be one very powerful ATX power supply, with up to 44 Amps of current! Using the familiar clear fan blades and "Super Noise Killer" the Enermax has proved itself one of the most quiet power supplies we have come across.

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Nvidia & TV Tuners?

posted: October 18, 2000 @ 3:17 EDT by: ryan

Insane Hardware have got some info up on some new Asus Video Cards based on the NVIDIA GeForce2 GTS, Ultra & MX chipsets. The most surprising aspect of these cards is the integration of TV Tuner modules in both their high end and low end based cards. Dubbed the "All-in-One" series, you'd think that Asus were tackling ATi's market.

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New 6.35 Detonators

posted: October 18, 2000 @ 3:08 EDT by: ryan

3DChipset.com has posted the new Detonator 6.35 drivers for download.

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Cheap Blue Orb Prices

posted: October 17, 2000 @ 3:26 EDT by: ryan

For one week only (until midnight on October 23) nerdsbyte.com is offering an introductory special on the Thermaltake Blue Orb for $10.99!

They also have a Speedy3D special:

To round out your video cooling set-up - nerdsbyte.com is will throw in a free strip of 3M frag tape with the purchase of 8 minisinks for anyone who mentions Speedy3D in the comments section.

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Intel Reeling at AMD's CPUs

posted: October 17, 2000 @ 3:23 EDT by: ryan

With today's announcement of new processors from AMD, Intel is in trouble. At the low end, Intel's fastest Celeron tops out at 700MHz, but is only as fast as a Duron at 600 MHz, four speed grades below AMD's top offering and equivalent only to chips that AMD has already discontinued. And at the high end, the P3 tops out at 1GHz, two speed grades below Athlon's top offering at 1.2GHz, a chip that costs less and significantly outperforms the fastest P3 in every significant benchmark including those specifically optimized for an Intel processor.

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Duron 800Mhz Review

posted: October 17, 2000 @ 3:22 EDT by: ryan

Following their Athon 1.2GHz review, FiringSquad just posted up a Duron 800 review. They run through the same suite of benchmarks, and of course include our usual overclocking results. Here's a snip:

"In any case, the Duron 800 is one helluva chip. We've never awarded a processor our Editor's Choice Award before, but for the Duron 800, we're making an exception. Usually the processors we review are just too expensive to make the final cut, or are just missing that one little thing that prevents them from earning the award. But in the case of the Duron 800, we just can't find anything wrong to complain about."

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Creative NOMAD JukeBox

posted: October 17, 2000 @ 3:21 EDT by: ryan

HardwareZone have just posted a review on Creative Lab's Nomad Jukebox. Here's a blurb from the review:

"In a sentence, Creative's NOMAD JukeBox is a Discman-shaped MP3 player with the capacity to hold up to 100 hours’ worth of song playback. An upgraded personal digital audio player in a literal sense, it has enough DSP power to enhance conventional MP3 playback with ‘ambient’ effects and surround sound functions."

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Rio500 MP3 Player Review

posted: October 16, 2000 @ 3:55 EDT by: ryan

SavageZone has posted up a review of the excellent Diamond Rio500 Portable MP3 player.

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PowerGene GTS Review

posted: October 16, 2000 @ 3:39 EDT by: ryan

In The Trenches has kicked up a review of the latiest 3D card from PowerColor, the PowerGene GTS 2 card w/32 MB and T.V out. Here's a snip:

"PowerColor is a small Taiwanese video card and motherboard manufacturer who mostly focuses on low-priced competitive products, and the PowerGene GTS 2 fits this definition. Selling for $220, it is a pretty cheap video card and you'll probably find it for less on-line. The PowerGene GTS 2 is a rather standard GeForce2 GTS card, with the standard 32MB of memory, and a video out. Other than that, nothing was unique about it, but nothing has to be, as the GeForce2 GTS is a very well rounded graphics chipset, which is only rivaled by the Radeon when it comes to features and speed (and, of course, the GeForce2 Ultra). It comes with a standard heat-sink/fan seen on most GeForce2 GTS boards, with a good quality TV-out which when compared to the Spectra 2500 TV-out is far better quality wise, and comes clocked at 200-MHz core clock speed, and 339-MHz memory click speed, which is a tad faster than standard GeForce2 GTS, but that does not change performance noticeably."

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Maxi Sound MUSE Review

posted: October 16, 2000 @ 3:37 EDT by: ryan

PC Roddin has taken a quick look at Guillemot's latest rendition in the sound market with their Maxi Sound MUSE sound card. Check the blurb below:

"The MUSE, is a 4-channel PCI soundcard designed to be a powerful option for the price conscious. It is designed with a new generation CMI-8738 audio processor that provides excellent 3D sound. Equipped with 2 pre-amplified outputs for 4 speakers, you can enjoy big surround sound with this tiny card."

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SB Live Platinum 5.1 Review

posted: October 16, 2000 @ 6:59 EDT by: ryan

Gamer's Depot opens up the lid on Creative Lab' new SB Live Platinum 5.1.

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Creative 12/10.32 12X CDRW

posted: October 16, 2000 @ 6:57 EDT by: ryan

T-Break has published a review of Creative's 12.10.32 12X CDRW with BURN Proof Technology. Here's a bit from the review:

"BURN-Proof stands for Buffer Under RuN proof. Buffer under run errors have produced a lot of coasters for me in the past so I was really looking forward to this new technology. To give you a brief overview, this happens when your PC cannot deliver data fast enough to the CDRW while recording the CD and the reasons for this can be a slow PC, multi-tasking, network access etc. With BURN-Proof technology, you continue doing all your multi-tasking without worrying about producing a coaster."

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Blue Orb Review

posted: October 16, 2000 @ 6:56 EDT by: ryan

Extreme Overclocking has just finished up a review of Thermaltake's "Blue Orb", comparing it on two different video cards and against two other video coolers. The Blue Orb is pretty cool looking, and it's extremely quiet.

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