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November 7, 2000 - November 12, 2000

AMD Duron 700 - 1Ghz Review

posted: November 12, 2000 @ 7:14 EST by: ryan

Tonight on Pcstats, on the Eve of COMDEX they bring you a review of the Duron 700Mhz chip and the journey which took it all the way up to 1008Mhz. Clip:

"The sheer power that a 1Ghz CPU provides is staggering. Resizing images in Photoshop was once a mundane and arduous task, but not anymore, it just zips right by! I am not RECOMMENDING that everyone should go out and purchase a 1Ghz or faster processor, but when it comes for "free" via overclocking, then go RIGHT AHEAD and do it! Having a processor in quadruple digits is a luxury for a select few, but with the low cost of the Duron, and the relative ease that I had with overclocking it to 1ghz, makes the Duron a reasonable choice for overclocker's to join the 1Ghz club."

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Pavilion N5150 Laptop Review

posted: November 12, 2000 @ 7:13 EST by: ryan

DeezTech has gotten down with their latest review of HP's Pavilion N5150 laptop computer in a Pentium III 600 flavor. Outfitted with 64 Megs of RAM, DVD player, active matrix and lots of other goodies all for under $2,000.

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Ricoh MP7120A Burner

posted: November 12, 2000 @ 12:01 EST by: ryan

Overclocking @ QGL has just written up a review on the Ricoh MP7120A burner.

"I instantly installed the version of Nero that came with it, and loaded it up to do what I had mainly bought the burner for, create an audio CD out of some of the countless number of MP3s I have stashed on my computer. I sat there for a couple of minutes and picked out the songs I want, then clicked the burn button. Watched Nero start the burning process, then watched the buffer status bar go very quickly down from 99% to 0%. Thoroughly annoyed that the first CD I had ever tried to burn had failed, I quickly sought for answers as to why this wouldn't work, I tried it again, only to yet again be left with a coaster."

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New Socket A Cooler Reviews

posted: November 12, 2000 @ 11:59 EST by: ryan

TweakTown serves us up a 3-in-1 socket A cooler review, on the menu is a Thermaltake Super Orb, Alpha PAL Socket A and a ArctiCooler Agilent. Here's a clip:

"Since the Introduction of the Socket A AMD Athlon and Duron Processors companies have been playing catch-up. Thermaltake were the first company to come to the party with the orbs for socket A. then along came Alpha and ArctiCooler. The Socket A coolers today are being designed to work with AMD's newer 1GHz AMD Athlon CPU's A few months ago we took a look that some other AMD Socket A coolers, some were kickass while some didn't make the cut. Today we take a look at 3 of the newest coolers on the block designed to keep AMD's new babies cool. They are the Thermaltake Super Orb, Alpha PAL Socket A and the ArctiCooler Agilent."

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Hedgehog-238M Review

posted: November 12, 2000 @ 11:58 EST by: ryan

PC Extremes has posted up a Hedgehog-238M review. Here's a clip:

"Whether you’re looking to overclock your CPU or improve your system’s performance, one item that will help get the job done is a good heatsink. With the market being dominated by Alpha, Global Win and the Golden Orb, many new companies with innovative designs are popping up to get a piece of the pie. Probably one of the most compelling heatsink’s I’ve seen in a while is the Hedgehog, it’s look similar to an Alpha but is made of Copper. Since copper is a good conductor this heatsink should blow away the competition, but like any heatsink the Hedgehog has it’s flaws."

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3D Accelerator's Past

posted: November 11, 2000 @ 9:01 EST by: ryan

Over at Tweak3D they have posted up an article which takes a look at yesterday's 3D technology and how it has affected us.

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UO: Third Dawn Screens

posted: November 11, 2000 @ 11:51 EST by: ryan

GameSpy has expanded its story from the UO World Faire with lots more
details and plenty of new screens of the recently announced UO: Third Dawn.

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Elite Force Holomatch Demo

posted: November 11, 2000 @ 9:33 EST by: ryan

The new Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force demo of the Holomatch offers all three game play modes of the full game for you to try and enjoy. Several changes were made to Elite Force between the time of its original demo in July 2000 and the release of the game in September 2000. This demo reflects the multiplayer of the shipping version.

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Hybrid Dig Camera/Webcam

posted: November 11, 2000 @ 9:32 EST by: ryan

Gamer's Depot has posted up their review of D-Link's new hybrid Digital Camera / Webcam.

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Addtronics 7896a Review

posted: November 10, 2000 @ 3:31 EST by: ryan

Chances are if you have been in the overclocking scene or ever built your own computer you have heard about Addtronics (a.k.a. Super Micro). G3D has posted up a review of their greatest server case ever, the 7896a.

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Raven Source Code

posted: November 10, 2000 @ 3:29 EST by: ryan

GameSpy sends word that Raven has released the Source code for Hexen 2, the game using the Quake 1 and later the QuakeWorld engine.

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FIFA 2001Review

posted: November 10, 2000 @ 3:29 EST by: ryan

T-Break have just finished their review of the latest and greatest football game, FIFA 2001. Here's a bit from the review:

"I don’t think I could even begin to describe how polished FIFA 2001 is- it’s mind boggling. EA have really outdone themselves this time. Prepare to wet your pants as soon as you start the game, right from the intro. Players in the game don't move or feel computer controlled because EA has increased the number of joints in their skeleton system which gives them a very real feel. No longer do players have boxes for hands, but perfectly formed fingers pointing at referees, gestures at the opponents and clenched fists when mad."

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Belkin Omnicube Review

posted: November 10, 2000 @ 3:25 EST by: ryan

NewsForge has a posted a review of the Belkin Omnicube 4-port KVM. Here is a wee blurb:

"Many of the Linux users I know have more than one PC, and most of the time they use them simultaneously. There are several ways to do this. The first, and most obvious, is to have one monitor, keyboard and mouse for each machine. This can be messy and difficult to manage, however. For those short on desk space or who don't want the hassle of switching input devices, there are devices, called KVM (keyboard video mouse) switches, which will run multiple computers off of one set of mouse, keyboard and monitor."

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Removing SECC2 HeatSinks

posted: November 10, 2000 @ 6:48 EST by: ryan

GideonTech.com just finished a guide on how to remove your retail SECC2 heatsink. Probably the easiest thing to do so you can use that Alpha or any other heatsink. Here is a blurb:

"Removing the retail SECC2 heatsink can easily be done without breaking anything. You can even reuse the stock HSF\cartridge if needed. All that is required is a pair of curved needle nose pliers. Straight nose can be used but."

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Epox EP-8KTA2 Mobo Review

posted: November 10, 2000 @ 6:47 EST by: ryan

TweakTown has taken a look at the Epox EP-8KTA2 Socket A motherboard which is based on the VIA KT133 northbridge chipset. For comparison they put the board up against a MSI K7T Pro, Abit KT7 RAID, FIC AZ11 and a Gigabyte GA-7ZM - While this board is not the fastest of its kind around, the results are still interesting!

"Epox has been around in the motherboard making industry for well over 10 years now producing low cost, high performance motherboards. Epox made it claim when the Super 7 stage of motherboard were around, Epox produced many motherboard for the AMD K6-2 and K6-3 CPU's using mostly VIA chipsets, it seems that Epox and VIA have shared a long and prosperous relationship that is still in affect today. Epox went out of the loop when the overclocking stage of things came since Epox didn't produce many overclocker friendly motherboards. Epox have put out some very good motherboards in the past and now with the future looking to the overclockers market Epox have again listened to the market and have made a name for themselves again."

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Enlight's Bare-Bones KT133

posted: November 10, 2000 @ 6:44 EST by: ryan

Hot Hardware has posted up their product review for the Bare-Bones setup from Enlight Corp. Check out our thoughts on Enlight's Bare-Bones KT133 System featuring the Gigabyte GA-7ZX KT133 Motherboard!

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Seagate Barracuda 40GB

posted: November 10, 2000 @ 6:43 EST by: ryan

Gamer's Depot has posted up a review of the new Seagate Barracuda 40GB drive.

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Monitor Buying Guide

posted: November 9, 2000 @ 7:31 EST by: ryan

Gamer's Depot just put the finishing touches on their monitor buying guide. If you've wondered how to decide what monitor is right for you, this article is a must read.

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Quantum Altas 10K Review

posted: November 9, 2000 @ 7:30 EST by: ryan

Hexus.net have done a review of the Quantum Altas 10K II hard drive this drive. With a bundle of cool features including 10000 RPM, 8MB ECC Cache and 18GB of space, this is a power house for all hard core users!

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Playstation 2 Game Review

posted: November 9, 2000 @ 7:29 EST by: ryan

Yeah, I know it's not computer related, but I thought I'd throw this in because it's new :). Nurck.Com have kicked up a review of Kessen for the Playstation 2. Here's a snip:

"Before each battle you can also see your opponents side; his generals and so forth. You can chose four of the generals on the opposing side to see if they will join your side, or not fight in the upcoming battle."

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KeyGhost II Review

posted: November 9, 2000 @ 7:27 EST by: ryan

PCinsight have posted a review of the KeyGhost II Professional which is a keystroke monitoring device capable of capturing upto 500,000 keystrokes. Here is a clip:

"The key to Keyghost's operation is an embedded chip located on the pass-through connector. This chip can store up to 500,000 keystrokes in its non-volatile flash memory and offers 128-bit encryption. If you wish to have a device which provides more storage capacity, the manufacturer does have a model to fit your needs. The Keyghost requires no battery for operation. In addition, no software needs to be installed as the embedded chip contains all of the information needed in its 8KB of ROM."

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Creative Annihilator 2 Review

posted: November 9, 2000 @ 6:37 EST by: ryan

You want speed? You want to run Quake 3 so fast it makes your head spin? The Tech Zone has the review for you! The Creative Annihilator 2 Ultra is the fastest video card they've ever tested. How does 70 frames per second Quake 3 sound? Not that good? What if I told you it was done at 1600x1200x32 bit color? And here's a clip:

"The Creative Annihilator 2 Ultra is a take no prisoner video card. It's not for the person looking for the best 'bang' for the buck. Forget that. With an estimate street price of $500 the Annihilator will annihilate your wallet as well as Quake 3 benchmarks."

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Timeline Q&A

posted: November 9, 2000 @ 6:36 EST by: ryan

Paul Wirth is the producer of the Timeline project, a game based on
Michael Crichton's best-selling novel of the same name. The game will be played froma first person perspective, but seems to be anything but a first person shooter like Quake III or Half-Life. Paul was kind enough to answer a few questions for 3DActionPlanet.

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Counterstrike 1.0 Out!

posted: November 9, 2000 @ 6:35 EST by: ryan

Counterstrike Version 1.0 IS OUT NOW!

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MSI 649D Pro AR Dual Rv.

posted: November 9, 2000 @ 6:34 EST by: ryan

TweakTown have been fairly quiet so far this month, they must have been hibernating under a log or something. They woke up and have reviewed the MSI 649D Pro AR Dual FC-PGA motherboard, this is VIA's first SMP chipset based on the VIA Apollo 133A AGP4x enabled chipset. MSI have been making better and better motherboards at late, with fantastic features - The MSI 649D AR dually is no different!

"MSI, for all of you who don't know them too well have been in the motherboard and computer industry for about 10 years now making motherboards for OEM's and other small computer dealerships. MSI motherboards are normally quite cheap, very reliable but not one for the super hardcore overclockers but this image has changed lately with the introduction of their new line of motherboards. MSI K7T Pro 2, MSI i815E Pro and some of the good old BX motherboards. MSI has not been one to make many dual CPU ready motherboards, as they do not sell many boards to companies that make server systems. MSI's first Dual CPU motherboard was the MSI 6120 based on the trusty old BX chipset and supporting Dual Slot 1 connectors, this is ok for its time but now a days we demand more power, greater flexibility and compatibility. This board was quite a good board for its time but with the SCSI controller built in it really required you to have a big budget. MSI took a good look at the market of late and must have realized that hardcore gamers and 3D freaks tend to use dual CPU systems, Dual Celeron's and those who can afford it, Dual Pentium 3 Coppermines. After months of working out a layout with all the features that make a good motherboard a good motherboard and a chipset that can support these 2 CPU's MSI have come out with the MSI 649D Pro AR."

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DFI AK74-EC Mainboard

posted: November 9, 2000 @ 6:33 EST by: ryan

HardwareZone has posted up a review of the DFI AK74-EC Socket-A Mainboard. Here's a clip:

"The DFI AK74-EC is a pretty fast 'no-frills' board that provide users with the latest UDMA/100 support in addition to some light overclocking functions. The board exhibited good stability and passed all the tests without any lock-ups or errors. We still have no information on the price of this board yet, but it should be priced competitively along other well known brands. The AK74-EC would have been a great motherboard if it has extended overclocking capabilities. However, if you are only looking for stability and speed, this is one that you could seriously consider."

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AMD 760 Chipset Q&A

posted: November 8, 2000 @ 4:20 EST by: ryan

HighSpeed PC has posted a Q&A from an AMD Tech staffer answering some good questions about AMD's 760 Chipset. There are new hardware requirements and new questions to be answered for anyone wanting to build a system based on it.

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Detonator 7.17 Drivers

posted: November 8, 2000 @ 4:19 EST by: ryan

3DChipset.com has sent word that the DX8 complaint Detonator 7.17 drivers are floating around. They come in Windows 9x, Windows Millennium, and Windows 2000.

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ATTech CM25 Cooler Review

posted: November 8, 2000 @ 6:42 EST by: ryan

PC Roddin has posted up a new review of an all copper heat sink and fan combo for breakfast- the ATTech CM25. Review Snip:

"I must say I had my doubts when I noticed the base of this thing is only 2mm (1/16 of an inch) thick. The entire heat sink is only 15mm or roughly a half inch. Another log added to the doubt fire was the specifications of the fan. It is a 3200 RPM 20 CFM ball bearing fan. Copper is a great conductive material, but by traditional standards, this heat sink has an uphill battle."

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Leufken Water Cooling Kit

posted: November 8, 2000 @ 6:41 EST by: ryan

Got the guts to water-cool your CPU? How about adding a Peltier to the mix? Hardcore and extreme? Maybe.... But it's not as hard or dangerous as you think. The Tech Zone takes a look at a nice, easy to assemble kit from Leufken Technologies. They used it to take their P3-700 all the way to 1050Mhz!

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HP Jornada Review

posted: November 8, 2000 @ 6:40 EST by: ryan

"Geek of all trades" reviews the HP Jornada handheld PC:

"As for overclocking, I am seriously exploring programmatic means of adjusting the clock speed upwards. Just because. With my Palm, I was able to use the Afterburner hack to bump the speed from 16 up to 25 mhz. I am currently starting to explore the architecture involved in the Jornada, as well as Windows CE in general, to see if this can be accomplished. Again, just because. If any of you fellow geeks have code to that effect, or ideas, then send 'em on in!"

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OS Dual Booting Article

posted: November 8, 2000 @ 6:39 EST by: ryan

3D Spotlight's Full Guide to OS Dual Booting article focuses a lot on MS's latest operative systems even though the information could be applied to older OSes. Also, they have a take on how to make successful backups as well as OS installation and uninstallations.

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Red Alert 2 Review

posted: November 8, 2000 @ 6:38 EST by: ryan

Gaming-Unlimited has posted a review of Westwood Studio's new game, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2. Here is a blurb:

"Westwood Studios is famous for its line of Command & Conquer real-time strategy games. They themselves created the genre many years ago with "Dune", a revolutionary title in its time. Since then they've developed such favorites as the original Command & Conquer and the awesome Red Alert. Though they have produced some "not so great" games such as Tiberian Sun and Sole Survivor, in the big picture Westwood is one of the largest and most successful RTS developers currently on the gaming scene. Their latest title, a full-blown sequel to the original Red Alert, has garnered a huge amount of hype and anticipation. Can it live up to the lofty standards set by its predecessors, or does it fall flat on its face?"

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Win Tons of Computer Stuff!

posted: November 7, 2000 @ 7:02 EST by: ryan

This month 3Dnews.net have a doozy of a giveaway, with the Grand Prize rig consisting of *deep breath*: a kick ass Athlon 800 overclocked to 1GHz in a Vapochill case, an Abit GeForce2 64MB, 256MB of Crucial RAM, MSI K7 PRO, Pioneer 16X DVD ROM, Iwill SIDE RAID 100 controller, Two (2) 40 GB Maxtor ATA100 Harddrives, Midiland 8200 speakers, SBLive Platinum, Boomslang 2000 Mouse, Logitech Cordless Natural Keyboard, Logitech Rumble Pad, Logitech Force 3D joystick, Wingman Extreme gamepad, a signed copy of Deus Ex, a signed copy of Unreal Tournament, a signed copy of Messiah, and a signed copy of Asheron's call.

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Go and Vote!

posted: November 7, 2000 @ 7:01 EST by: ryan

Vote, that is if you live in america.

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