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November 12, 2000 - November 18, 2000

Frag Tape Review

posted: November 18, 2000 @ 8:49 EST by: ryan

UKGamer.net has posted a review of the little wonder, Frag Tape. Not so long ago, overclockers in Britain had to mix super glue with thermal paste to create a semi-bonding compound to use when fastening heatsinks onto processors, now that has all changed with the arrival of this product. Here is an extract from the article:

"Before Frag Tape was available we used to mix super glue with thermal paste to create a semi-solution to this problem. However when the super-glue would set, it would create round balls of thermal paste and the contact between the heatsink and the processor core would not be very good (let alone secure)."

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New Beta Radeon Drivers

posted: November 18, 2000 @ 8:48 EST by: ryan

3DChipset.com has locally some new Beta Radeon drivers. They are supposedly DX8 ATi Radeon drivers.

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Comdex Wrap-Up

posted: November 18, 2000 @ 8:47 EST by: ryan

Gamer's Depot has their full wrap-up for this year's Comdex. They look at everything from Nintendo's upcoming Gamecube console to Networking.

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Nvidia Athloin/Duron Chipset

posted: November 17, 2000 @ 7:15 EST by: ryan

Nvidia doesn't just make mainboards anymore, they have released some spec on their up coming "Crush" Athlon/Duron chipset. Here's a bit:

  • PC1600/PC2100/PC2600 DDR SDRAM support
  • Integrated graphics based on GeForce2™ MX
  • External AGP 4x support
  • 800Mbps interbridge LDT bus designed by AMDŽ
  • ATA-100 support
  • 10Mbps/100Mbps Ethernet controller
  • AC'97 interface
  • 5 PCI slots

    NVIDIAŽ will announce the first two versions of the Crush chipset later this month. One version will have a 64-bit memory bus, while the other will have a 128-bit memory bus. On boards based on the more expensive 128-bit memory bus version of Crush, the DDR SDRAM DIMM modules have to be installed in pairs.

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    New Alice Screenshots

    posted: November 17, 2000 @ 7:13 EST by: ryan

    PC.IGN.com has posted up a few screenshots from their upcoming quake3 engine game, Alice.

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    PowerColor Evil Kyro Review

    posted: November 17, 2000 @ 6:33 EST by: ryan

    EXHardware has just posted the latest graphics card offering by Power Color – the Evil Kyro powered by the new PowerVR Series 3 “KYRO” graphics processor with it’s unique TBA rendering feature! How does it stack up against the GeForce 2MX?

    "Evil Kyro? Sounds like a character in your latest sci-fi horror movie? Well, thankfully no - it's PowerColor's latest graphics card based on the new PowerVR Series 3 "KYRO" graphics processor. Those of you who have been straying in the 3D market for a long time now would instantly recognize the PowerVR name as a challenger to the other graphics accelerators back then. The KYRO is the latest PowerVR chip to hit the market once again, this time taking on even tougher competition from the GeForce 2MX and Voodoo 4 cards."

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    DFI AK74-EC Mobo Review

    posted: November 17, 2000 @ 6:31 EST by: ryan

    AcidHardware have written a review of the latest socket-a motherboard from DFI, the AK74-EC. In the review they compare the board with the Asus A7V:

    "As soon as I took the motherboard out of the box the first thing I noticed was that DFI has cleared the area around the CPU Socket to provide for larger heatsinks. This is very good thinking because this has been a very big problem with some other Socket A Motherboards like the Abit KT7-RAID. The board layout is the usual setup like we see with alot of mainboards, 1 AGP Slot, 4 PCI Slots, 1 AMR Slot and 1 ISA Slot. The AK74 also has 3 DIMM slots which support up to a maximum of 1.5gb of memory."

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    1GHz+ TBird O/C Combo

    posted: November 17, 2000 @ 6:30 EST by: ryan

    PCCritix has posted a review of PCNut's super-sweet 1GHz+ TBird overclocking combo. Featuring an Abit KT7-RAID, Mushkin RAM, and of course a TBird 750 OC'ed over 1GHz. Tons of enthusiasts have jumped on the combo, and for good reason - it's one of the hottest combos around!

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    F0P38 Cooler Review

    posted: November 16, 2000 @ 4:17 EST by: ryan

    It has been awhile since we've seen any action from everyone's favorite Savagezone. Today they are looking at that big bad cooler from Global Win, the F0P38 to be precise. It may be advertised as a Socket A/7/370 cooler but the Savage guys may have something different to say.

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    Blair Witch Volume Two Rv.

    posted: November 16, 2000 @ 4:16 EST by: ryan

    Today's review on EuroGamer takes a look at "Blair Witch Volume Two: The Legend of Coffin Rock". Here's a little taster:

    "Although Human Head seem to have suffered at the hands of
    the technology, they certainly know a thing or two about building
    up an atmosphere. The trees quiver as if alive to your presence
    (technically they probably are, mind) and the whole scene is
    dramatically decked out in shades of blue and grey. It's the
    eeriest incarnation of the Blair Witch woods yet seen as far
    as I'm concerned.

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    Report on the EverQuest

    posted: November 16, 2000 @ 4:12 EST by: ryan

    GameSpy comes back with its report on the EverQuest event held in Las

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    ArcticSilver Thermal Goop Rv.

    posted: November 16, 2000 @ 6:30 EST by: ryan

    Today Netkills Reviewed some Arctic Silver Thermal Compound:

    "As a very quick sum up for what I think of this is that is the best thermal compound on the market and I don't see and competition for getting better results from just upgrading your thermal paste."

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    UT Tweak Guide Updated

    posted: November 16, 2000 @ 6:28 EST by: ryan

    3D Spotlight has just updated their Unreal Tournament tweak guide, definitely the most complete guide available on the net covering everything from visuals, audio and netplay (just to name a few).

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    Will 3dfx Get Back in?

    posted: November 16, 2000 @ 6:25 EST by: ryan

    And now from the guys who brought you the news of the Voodoo5 6000 dying on the vine, as well as 3dfx's going back to being a chip supplier, an article about what it all could mean. GlideUnderground takes a look back on what 3dfx has been, how the field has changed, and what 3dfx's move may actually do for them. Snippage:

    "So where does this leave 3dfx? Let's take stock. Since the release of the Voodoo3 line of chips, they've been playing catch-up to NVidia in terms of video quality and performance. Their main competitor who also tried to go solo, S3, has decided it wasn't worth it and cut their losses completely. The only competition who DIDN'T go solo, NVidia, is now controlling an amazing amount of the market as well as the performance crown. Further, 3DFX just cut off the Voodoo5 6000, their "premiere" card which would have possibly given them a much needed high-power edge, and left it to another company to implement in selected closed systems."

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    MSI StarForce 818 Review

    posted: November 15, 2000 @ 3:39 EST by: ryan

    T-Break has published a review of MSI's GeForce2 MX based card- the StarForce 818. Here's a bit from the review:

    "MSI is one such vendor that has been providing us with some really great motherboards in the past and have now ventured into the GeForce territory. They have already released a GeForce2 GTS card, but what we have with us today is the MSI-StarForce 818, their GeForce MX based value-segment targeted graphics card."

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    Alpha 'Super' PAL6035 Review

    posted: November 15, 2000 @ 3:38 EST by: ryan

    Virtual Hideout posted a new review and a new guide for ya today. First stop, Doc reviews the in-famous Alpha 'Super' PAL6035 Heatsink, coupled with that finger-slashing Black Label Delta Fan, courtesy of E-Compuvision. Now you know what Doc calls it 'Super"! Here's a snip of that review:

    "Not only did I get such a kickass heatsink, but they threw in one of the infamous black-label Delta 60mm fans as well. Great fan (about 7000RPM, pushes 38 CFM, more then some 92mm fans) ... doesn't make near as much noise as some people said it did, though. The PAL6035 has a nice copper-embedded surface on the bottom for maximum heat conductivity."

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    COMDEX 2000 Coverage

    posted: November 15, 2000 @ 6:38 EST by: ryan

    CPU-bURN has posted up their COMDEX 2000 Coverage. Intro:

    "CPU-Burn Live at COMDEX 2000. Get all the latest goodies, pictures, and a complete review of the event at the end of the week."

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    ELSA GLADIAC Ultra Review

    posted: November 15, 2000 @ 6:36 EST by: ryan

    HotHardware put the Elsa Gladiac Ultra though the ringer and posted their findings. Performance of the card is top notch and the box was chock full of goodies, but is it worth the coin?

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    Age of Conquerors Review

    posted: November 15, 2000 @ 6:36 EST by: ryan

    GameSurge takes a look at the latest in the series for Age of Empires, Age of Conquerors.

    "First I'll just say that if you're a fan of Age of Kings, Conquerors just adds more to the mix. I found the new campaigns easier to play than the original, especially the new Conquerors Campaign, which has various battles from history all over the world. If you're a general strategy fan, Conquerors is also made more fun thanks to these scenarios. The gameplay has been enhanced, but not changed. The farm queues are a welcome addition, and the new units are fun, and each has a unique graphical style. I did notice, however, that the Conquistador looked different from all the other units, but I quickly got over that."

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    Antec KS282 Mid Tower Rv.

    posted: November 15, 2000 @ 6:34 EST by: ryan

    ExtremeOverclocking has a nice one page write up of the Antec KS282 Mid Tower ATX Case w/300w PS. It's pretty cheap coming in at less that $80 considering all the goodness it has. Quote:

    "The KS282 has all of the features that I was looking for at a good price, but the question that comes next is "how easy is this thing going to be to maneuver around in?" Being a computer technician, I realize that there is nothing worse than a Hewlett Packard or E-Machine case -- that is, one which the power supply needs to be removed just to get to the components of which me, and people alike, change each god-given day."

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    3dfx Changing Plan

    posted: November 14, 2000 @ 6:25 EST by: ryan

    Well, consider them back in business! 3dfx is changing direction by closing their Mexico based facility (which they bought back in 1998), and just sell their chips to third party manufacturers:

    The company plans to close its Juarez, Mexico, card manufacturing plant and remove itself from the business of building the graphics cards that reside in desktop PCs. This is an abrupt switch from the December 1998 takeover of STB Systems, which 3dfx heralded as a move that would put them in charge of their own destiny. Instead, that move -- combined with numerous production delays and supply problems -- has removed the company from its once-dominant position in the industry.

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    Pentium 4 Benchmarks

    posted: November 14, 2000 @ 3:30 EST by: ryan

    Over at Australian IT they have popped up some benchmarks of Intel's upcoming P4 CPU. Here's a clip & some info:

    "There was a little red thing on the back of the ultra-stacked review machine that said I wasn't to open it. But they forgot to made me sign anything. So I opened it anyway."

    The test box has a 1.5GHz P4, 256Mb of PC800 RDRAM and a GeForce2 Ultra, so it's pretty much the fastest computer Intel could assemble.

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    Super and Blue Orb Specials

    posted: November 14, 2000 @ 3:27 EST by: ryan

    Seems as everybody's sending us their specials today as we also have a great one on a free pack of 10CDRs posted earlier. Nerdsbyte.com is running a Mid-Week Madness Shipping Special. All orders placed on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday containing a Super Orb or two Blue Orbs will receive 1/2 price shipping - that's shipping for just $1.98!

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    Asheron's Call Event Tonight

    posted: November 14, 2000 @ 3:21 EST by: ryan

    GameSpy has the scoop on the new Asheron's Call event that goes live today at 8 a.m. Pacific Time. Be advised that there is a spoiler alert at the top of the story, in effect until the server goes live with the new event.

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    Empire Earth Screens

    posted: November 14, 2000 @ 3:20 EST by: ryan

    GameSpy has just posted 16 new screen shots from Stainless Steel Studios' upcoming time-spanning RTS Empire Earth.

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    Get 10 Free CD-Rs!!!

    posted: November 14, 2000 @ 6:41 EST by: ryan

    In order to grab your FREE CDRs, you guys must enter SPEEDY3D.COM and the phrase "Give me my CDs!" in the comments box of their order form! (Be sure to make note of this where you mention this special offer).

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    Mid to Low-end Buying Guide

    posted: November 14, 2000 @ 6:38 EST by: ryan

    3D Spotlight's monthly update for the Mid to Low-end PC Buying guide has just been posted. You might want to know, this new mid-priced system we are recommending includes a 900mhz Athlon, 32mb DDR ATI Radeon videocard and the Klipsch Promedias.

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    No Voodoo5 6000 :(

    posted: November 13, 2000 @ 7:13 EST by: ryan

    Yep, you read that headline correctly. 3dfx has just announced that their long awaited Voodoo5 6000 3d accelerator will not be available for retail sale, but licensed to quantum3d instead.

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    Sensaura & Nvidia Deal

    posted: November 13, 2000 @ 3:33 EST by: ryan

    Hot News from Chick's Hardware, they just slapped up the press release from Sensaura about them signing a licensing agreement with NVIDIA, reaffirming them as the leading 3D audio solution for interactive computer gaming! Here's a snip:

    David Monteith, Managing Director of Sensaura, said "We are delighted with this new partnership with NVIDIA who are widely acknowledged within the industry as leaders in the graphics chip market. The integration of Sensaura 3D Positional Audio onto their new audio processors will position NVIDIA as a leader in the new category of media and communication products.

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    Demolition Racer Review

    posted: November 13, 2000 @ 3:32 EST by: ryan

    Nurck.Com have kicked up a review of the new game Demolition Racer - No Exit from Infogrames.

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    GeFoce2 Go Preview

    posted: November 13, 2000 @ 3:31 EST by: ryan

    GA-Hardware has just put the finishing touches on their GeForce2 Go article. For those of you that didn't attend the Press Conference last night in Vegas this is a definite worth reading. Here's a sample off the article:

    "I have just returned from the NVIDIA press conference at the Harley Davidson Café in sunny (but cold) Las Vegas, Nevada. At that press conference they announced the GeForce2 Go, their first entry into the mobile graphics market, and it is a very nice entry indeed. To put it simply, NVIDIA plans to allow you to be able to Create, Present and Entertain everywhere. How do they plan on doing this? By putting the first ever GPU in a notebook computer solution."

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    Maxtor 45GB HD Review

    posted: November 13, 2000 @ 3:30 EST by: ryan

    Technoyard has posted up their review of the DiamondMax Plus 45GB Hard Drive. Here's a clip:

    "The DiamondMax Plus 45, Maxtor's newest addition to the world's popular 7200 RPM hard drive family is finaly here. Boasting 15 GB per platter and traditional award-winning DiamondMax Plus features including the high-performance Ultra ATA/100 interface this sure is a great competitor to IBM's Deskstar 75GXP."

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    Pentium III 1Ghz Review

    posted: November 13, 2000 @ 3:28 EST by: ryan

    PcRoddin have posted their Pentium III 1Ghz FCPGA processor review. Seems like this processor was a dead end in the road for Intel while AMD keeps on trucking. Review snippet:

    "Right now, the 1Ghz Coppermine is the stop in the road for Intel processors. I use stop and not end because the 1.13Ghz processor will be re-released next year and the Pentium IV is rumored to be released before the end of 2000. So now lets move on to see how Intel's "stop in the road" performs among the ranks."

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    Abit SA6R Mobo Review

    posted: November 13, 2000 @ 3:26 EST by: ryan

    ABIT's latest 815 motherboard, is built for the hardcore overclocker.
    With bus speeds from 50-250MHz in 1MHz increments, practically anyone
    should be able to find a setting they like. Here's a clip from FiringSquad's review of this stellar motherboard:

    "With SoftMenu III on the SA6R, bus options are literally limitless to end users. 1MHz increments from 50-250MHz are available, making this motherboard an excellent choice for anyone with one of the older 0.25-micron Pentium III and Celeron processors, as well as Intel's
    latest 0.18-micron Pentium III and Celeron offerings. Quite frankly, this is the most powerful BIOS ABIT has unleashed for the Intel platform to date."

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    DirectX8 Uninstall Program

    posted: November 12, 2000 @ 7:15 EST by: ryan

    With the recent release of Microsoft DirectX8 and all the reports about lower 3DMark scores, incompatibility issues, game crashes while using the new version of DirectX... The gentleman down under at TweakTown, have kindly uploaded a program to their server and have made it available for download to everyone. The program is called DX Uninstaller, it will uninstall DirectX8 if you are unhappy with it like many others are and revert you back to your previous version of DirectX. Grab it here. (683kb)

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