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November 18, 2000 - November 24, 2000

Lian Li Aluminium Case

posted: November 24, 2000 @ 8:12 EST by: ryan

Virtual Hideout has posted up a Lian Li PC-60 All Aluminium Mid ATX Case Review. Here's a clip:

"The main difference between the PC-60 and the PC-12, other then the color, is the front bezel. The bezel on the PC-60 is aluminum like the rest of the case, while the PC-12’s is plastic. The PC-60’s bezel also has a very cool trim along the top and bottom that looks exactly like carbon fiber. Some people might find this a bit silly, but I’ve always been a fan of carbon fiber, so I thought it looked great."

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PS2 Euro Launch Stuff

posted: November 24, 2000 @ 8:11 EST by: ryan

Fresh from yesterday's scoop on the demo disk, today EuroGamer has a couple more reports on the European launch of the PS2.

"First up is a look at the reaction to today's launch in the UK, talking with some of the lucky punters who got a PS2 today, as well as some of the not-so-lucky ones who found out they will have to wait another two to four weeks. It also includes a look at the competition from Nintendo and Sega, as well as new PSOne games, and the situation in the rest of Europe."

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OCTools Pic of the Day

posted: November 24, 2000 @ 7:54 EST by: ryan

Octools has a new segment up called "Pic Of The Day" where they will be posting pics of all sorts. No porns though, but who knows when we're pissed we might post some. Bear in mind though that some of the pics you may have already seen but others haven't.

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Asheron's Call Year in Review

posted: November 24, 2000 @ 7:53 EST by: ryan

GameSpy is proud to start the first of its Asheron's Call Year in Review dev diaries from the Turbine team, looking back on the development of the game. Part 1 deals with the open beta period, including a hilarious dance animated GIF.

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Rio 600 MP3 Player Review

posted: November 24, 2000 @ 7:52 EST by: ryan

SonicBlue (formerly S3) has committed themselves to carrying on the grand Rio Audio tradition. The Rio MP3 Player has been around since the beginning of the MP3 revolution and SonicBlue's latest offering, the Rio600, shows no signs of lagging behind. Always a forerunner in MP3 technology, the Rio600 brings nice design and clear sound to the table. Read 3DGF's review to see if SonicBlue has hit a high note. Here's a peek at the intro:

"The Rio name has long been synonymous with portal digital audio, and even though Diamond is no more, SonicBlue (formerly S3) and Rio are committed to continuing the Rio tradition. Their latest offering, the Rio600, is sleek, stylish, and lightweight, but is it worth the $169 price tag?"

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Pentium 75MHz - SMASHED!

posted: November 24, 2000 @ 7:50 EST by: ryan

Those crazy bastards over at Tweaktown have taken a perfectly good pentium 75MHz CPU and smashed it. Geez, why not donate it to the starving children in ruwanda (spelling?), maybe they could eat it.

"Once upon a time, those boys at TweakTown were sent a Intel Pentium 75MHz CPU for a joke, by their good friend Cameron "SOV" Johnson... Mr.Tweak and raTus (Mr.Tweak's friend) had a good laugh over this pathetic little CPU and decided they'd make it into a keyring for some fun. That was until they realised that their Ryobi drill wasn't strong enough to drill through the core, so they got all annoyed and frustrated and SMASHED the thing using a hammer and nail bit for something to do since they didn't have a drill press anywhere close. They have a short "article" and some pictures of the CPU, documenting how they tried to drill a hole to make into a keyring, but ended up SMASHING it into small pieces for a bit of fun!"

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Q3A: Team Arena Demo

posted: November 23, 2000 @ 7:23 EST by: ryan

We have just posted up the mirror to the recently released Quake III: Team Arena expainsion pack for Q3A.

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Mambo-X CD/MP3 Preview

posted: November 23, 2000 @ 7:16 EST by: ryan

CaseJunkiez has scored a preview of the Mambo-X CD/MP3 Player! Snippet:

"The P300 also is quicker in indexing mp3's on the cd. Most other players take between 4-10 seconds or so, and the Mambo takes just 1.7 - 2.3 seconds. Thats damned quick. and just for refernce, this mp3/cd player could index a whole cd in the same amount of time that it takes our favorite action hero to disarm the bomb."

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Netgear RT314 Router

posted: November 23, 2000 @ 7:14 EST by: ryan

The Tech Zone has got a router review for you today. The Netgear RT314 is an inexpensive router with a 4 port 10/100 switching hub. This unit allows you to network four computers together and have them all access the internet at the same time using one high speed cable or DSL connection. Sure beats using Internet Connection Sharing. Check the full review here.

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Voyager: Elite Force Review

posted: November 23, 2000 @ 7:14 EST by: ryan

T-Break has just finished up their review of Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force. A pretty good game, if a little short. Here's a bit from the review:

"Raven Software, makers of Soldier of Fortune, have decided to give the Star Trek license a breath of fresh air with Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force. Now there have been a lot of ST games but most of which were so butt ugly that Gene Roddenberry (creator of ST) would be tossing and turning in his grave right now. Releases such as Klingon Honor Guard, Starfleet Command and Academy made any trekkie cringe at the mere sight. Exceptions to the case being the more recent Star Trek: Armada, an RTS based game and from distant memory two adventure games – 25th anniversary and Star Trek: TNG. But, backed up by iD Software’s powerhouse Quake 3 engine, Raven are adamant they’ll get the job done right where their predecessors have gone wrong."

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3D Prophet II Pro Rv.

posted: November 23, 2000 @ 7:13 EST by: ryan

Hercules is first on the GeForce 2 Pro bandwagon with their 3D Prophet II Pro. This is a good card to look into if you can't quite afford the Ultra. Gamer's Depot has posted up their review of it.

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Alice Preview

posted: November 23, 2000 @ 7:12 EST by: ryan

Months ago, when the first concept sketches of American McGee's Alice were released, much of the gaming community was insanely impressed. Alice promised to deliver intense action, a fantastic, twisted storyline, and incredible graphics.

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Epox 3VCA2+ Mobo Review

posted: November 23, 2000 @ 7:11 EST by: ryan

Neoseeker has posted a review of the Epox 3VCA2+ Socket 370 motherboard. Here's a snippet:

"The Epox 3VCA2+ is an updated version of the 3VCA2 model, which itself is an updated model of the original 3VCA that was released about 8 months ago. Some of the issues regarding the original board, such as a lack of CPU core voltage configuration, have been ironed out in these newer models, making this board a much more attractive solution to overclockers."

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Weekly Price Guide

posted: November 22, 2000 @ 4:23 EST by: ryan

Nurck.Com has updated their Weekly Price Guide once again. Still showing the latest prices for video cards, hard drives, CPUs, motherboards and memory.

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RtC: Wolfenstein FAQ

posted: November 22, 2000 @ 4:22 EST by: ryan

Achtung, Wolfenstein! has posted its first version of the Unofficial Return to Castle Wolfenstein FAQ. This list of 29 frequently asked questions covers most of what's known about the game at this point.

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Addtronics 3890a Mid-Tower

posted: November 22, 2000 @ 4:22 EST by: ryan

DeezTech has the latest on 3AG's latest review of the Addtronics 3890a Mid-Tower case. Here's a link: Here's a quote:

"As many of you frequent readers undoubtedly know, I love impressing my friends at LAN parties. We all have goals to have something nicer at the next party. My goal for out last LAN party was to mod up my case. As the subject for my modding I wanted something practical for moving yet good enough to house a performance rig and keep it cool. I immediately thought Addtronics."

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Create Your Own Duron Spacer

posted: November 22, 2000 @ 4:21 EST by: ryan

GideonTech.com just finished a guide on making your own Duron Spacer! Probably not limited to just the Duron, but that's what they used to create this aluminum spacer. Snip:

"As we all have heard by now, the AMD Duron and the T-bird CPU's are pretty fragile and are pretty prone to breaking when putting on and removing the heat sink\fan combo. Having seen several of these CPU's with cracks and corners chipped and broken off live and hearing and reading more horror stories on the net. I decided that this wasn't going to happen to the Duron 600@950 that I just bought. While I have previously made a spacer for my celeron 566, I was sure."

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P4 1.5 Benchmarks

posted: November 22, 2000 @ 4:20 EST by: ryan

Hexus.net have updated this article with benchmarks against the P4 1.5 interesting to see the comparison.

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CPUReview @ Comdex

posted: November 21, 2000 @ 3:44 EST by: ryan

Our buddies over at CPUReview are back from Comdex in Vegas... and I've published their first article about it; it has a lot of pictures (including one of a show girl!) from my trip with a running commentary.

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posted: November 21, 2000 @ 3:41 EST by: ryan

Technoyard has posted up a review of the ELSA GLADIAC ULTRA 64MB GeForce2 Ultra Video card. Here's a Quote:

"The fastest consumer Video cards known to mankind; the 3D Graphics Accelerators based on the GeForce2 Ultra Chip from Nvidia. We take a close look at one of the first Ultra boards to appear on the market."

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Oni Preview + Screens

posted: November 21, 2000 @ 6:37 EST by: ryan

GameSpy takes a look at Oni, Bungie's upcoming third-person shooter. Along with the preview is 8 new screens.

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Hardware Price List Update

posted: November 21, 2000 @ 6:36 EST by: ryan

The Tech Zone has updated their Hardware Price Index for Tuesday Nov. 21st. This week we see some nice drop in the price of Intel and AMD processors, no doubt because of the P4 coming out. Also a big drop in the price of the V5 5500 which went from $237.85 to just $177! Check the whole index here.

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Scars of Velious Screens

posted: November 21, 2000 @ 6:35 EST by: ryan

Have you been wondering what the zones of Velious are going to look like? Well, EverQuest Corner has two exclusive Zone Design screenshots for you to take a peak at.

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C&C: Red Alert 2 Review

posted: November 21, 2000 @ 6:34 EST by: ryan

The Game Den takes a look at the latest Real Time Strategy game from Westwood Studios - Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2. Does the sequel make up for the disappointment experienced with C&C: Tiberian Sun? Here's a clip:

"The tired old recipe of East vs West is once again revisited with C&C: Red Alert 2. The storyline continues with the USA assuming victory over the USSR and the setting up of puppet governments in the mighty Communist State. And just like Panama with Manuel Noriega, the appointed government of the USSR finds itself in a position to rebel against their bitter Yankee rivals. And the hardliners from Moscow aren’t fighting for a revolution this time around. In fact, they’re aiming for the mother load of all invasions, the occupation of the United States of America."

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Cyborg Gold USB Joystick

posted: November 21, 2000 @ 6:34 EST by: ryan

Neoseeker has posted a review of the Saitek Cyborg Gold USB Joystick. This is one ergonomic Joystick equipped with a tiny allen key to adjust the tilt, height, and direction of the stick.

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KT7-RAID Mobo Review

posted: November 21, 2000 @ 6:31 EST by: ryan

Well, its another day at Athlonmb.com; another review posted. They have finally been able to sit down and review the much acclaimed Abit KT7 family of boards, this being the RAID installment. Quote:

Moving down a little bit, you’ll notice the addition of a HSF that covers the KT133 North Bridge. This is the first time I have seen and motherboard come with this feature included out of the box. While some people would argue that including this fan isn’t really necessary and goes only into driving up the price of the board. I disagree, somewhat, in the fact that this motherboard will mainly go into the hardcore overclocker’s machines (you’ll see why soon) and these are the same people that want their systems to be and stable and cool as possible. The added price simply cannot be that severe."

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Corsair PC133 RAM Review

posted: November 20, 2000 @ 6:19 EST by: ryan

GideonTech.com has reviewed one of the value line PC133 ram modules from Corsair. With ram prices dropping, this is a great performer for the price. Snip from the Review:

"The Corsair Value Select is a good product, it was found to be stable at all the o/c settings that it could handle Win98 with. The form factor of the Ram itself would also appeal to those who are using an Alpha cooler on the CPU, as it might allow."

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Super Orb Cooler Review

posted: November 20, 2000 @ 6:18 EST by: ryan

This early Monday morning PCRoddin takes a look at Thermaltake's latest creation, the Super Orb Socket A cooler. Can the Orbs get any better? Well, take an Orb, add another fan and double it's size and the end result is a "Super" product. Review Shot:

"The Golden and Chrome Orb CPU coolers were cheap and very effective, but with increasing speeds the heat was rising and so did Thermaltake to the occasion. They increased the height of the Chrome Orb and added an extra fan to accommodate for the heightened heat production from the blazing Gigahertz plus processors. This leads to the "super-sized" heat sink and fan that has been dubbed the Super Orb."

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Today's Third P4 Review

posted: November 20, 2000 @ 6:17 EST by: ryan

This time HotHardware has Intel's Pentium 4 on the bench today.

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AOpen DVD1640 Pro Review

posted: November 20, 2000 @ 6:16 EST by: ryan

The fastest DVD drive on planet Earth! The AOpen DVD1640 Pro is a 16x DVD/40x CD drive! The AOpen DVD1640 Pro, is currently the fastest PC-DVD drive on you can buy. With 16x DVD and 40x CD read speeds, you won't miss not having a CD ROM. Read the full review by The Tech Zone here.

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Today's Second P4 Review

posted: November 20, 2000 @ 6:15 EST by: ryan

Gamer's Depot just posted their in-depth look at Intel's latest chip, the Pentium 4. In this guide, they have complete benchmarks and everything.

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Today's First P4 Review

posted: November 20, 2000 @ 6:13 EST by: ryan

HardOCP have been waiting for Intel to up the ante in the CPU market. Their attempt to lead the pack with the 1.13GHz processor was a dismal failure, and we were left wondering if the king had left the throne permanently. The Pentium 4 is Intel's attempt to once again snatch the speed crown from AMD's 1200MHz TBird. In fact, if the 1.5GHz P4 is successful, it will surpass AMD's next couple of scheduled processor releases if you consider GHz alone.

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Sacrifice Review

posted: November 19, 2000 @ 8:41 EST by: ryan

GameSpy dives into the eerie and beautiful world of Shiny's Sacrifice, with it 5 gods and the need to sacrifice souls.

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Sound Card Modding?!

posted: November 19, 2000 @ 8:40 EST by: ryan

Overclocking @ QGL have whipped up an article on sound card modding:

"These days, everybody wants something original in their case. Most people are creating a fanbus, blowholes or plexi-glass windows. But those are not the only options. I am going to discuss sound card modding. How on earth can you mod a sound card? It's pretty easy."

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Baybus Kit Review

posted: November 18, 2000 @ 10:27 EST by: ryan

Today at VH, Diceman's got a cool new toy for yapeeps! It's the PCMods.Com Baybus Kit! If you have lots of fans in yer PC and wanted a quick and easy way to organise the wiring and making the fans a little quieter, there's no better way than a Baybus:

"The basic fan bus kit allows you to control up to four fans. Each switch has three settings: "ON", "OFF" and "Variable speed". The variable speed setting can be adjusted to whatever speed you prefer, making it perfect for fans up to 120mm. (we found that each fan had a minimum start voltage requirement). The lights are Red and Green and come with Black bezels. These baybuses have been tested with fans up to 120mm in size and with light kits. In order to ensure that you could attach ANY device to this we outfitted it to use bare wire leads. Printed circuit board eliminates wiring mess. Simple installation requires only drilling, then plug in and go. Drill template ensures holes are placed correctly. Long lead for power supply included, as well as extra molex connector so that you don't lose a power outlet. Control any device with the switches (up to 6W per switch)."

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