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December 1, 2000 - December 6, 2000

DigiTheater DTS 5.1

posted: December 6, 2000 @ 6:26 EST by: ryan

VideoLogic unleashes sonic thunder with their DTS 5.1 surround system. Be prepared to be taken to new heights in the way you listen to DVDs and your games! Check out the review Gamer's Depot.

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Pentium 4 Orb

posted: December 6, 2000 @ 6:25 EST by: ryan

Thermaltake Technology are about to release a new Orb for the Pentium 4 Processor. The "INDIGO" Orb is blue in colour and has a new highspeed fan which allows greater CFM to be pushed over previous models of fans.

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Transcend TS-ASL3 Review

posted: December 6, 2000 @ 6:23 EST by: ryan

PenStarSys has posted up their review of the Transcend TS-ASL3, a i815 based motherboard. Transcend is not a big name in the motherboard business right now, but they are slowly and surely carving out a very good reputation for themselves. This board proved to be a solid performer with some nice features. Here is a quote:

"The TS-ASL3 is a very nicely laid out ATX motherboard based on the Intel i815E chipset. As such it supports PC-133 SDRAM, as well as ATA-100, and a truly non-problematic 4X AGP port (as compared to AMD, VIA, or ALI solutions, which all have some type of compatibility problems). Because it is based on the i815E, it has a workable (but not that impressive) 2D/3D integrated graphics core. The new i815EP does not support this feature, and costs $20 US to $30 US less than a board based on the i815E."

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Abit Recalls VP6 Mobo

posted: December 5, 2000 @ 7:39 EST by: ryan

Abit has issued a recall for their new dual flip-chip PIII mainboard that was looking oh so sweet. Check out Hard|OCP for the details.

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Duke Nukem Forever Stuff

posted: December 5, 2000 @ 6:10 EST by: ryan

For the most part, previews should give gamers a taste of what's to come without overly hyping a game. But as we all know too well, too much exposure prior to a game's release can saturate gamers with too much knowledge, leaving little room for amazement when the game is finished. 3D Action Planet has posted up an article on this very subject.

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KT133 "A" Chipset

posted: December 5, 2000 @ 6:09 EST by: ryan

ViaHardware just posted up their review on the VIA KT133 "A" Chipset. The KT133A brings official 133/266 Front Side Bus support for the Socket A AMD Athlon/Durons, while maintaining the use of PC100/133 memory. The KT133A also brings new uncharted waters to overclockers. Front Side Bus overclocking has never been easy for AMD processors, but now the 133 FSB is a definite possibility. Imagine an Athlon running at 7.5x133=1G instead of 10x100=1G. Read on to learn more about the KT133A chipset and how the added bandwidth performs. Here is a snip:

"266 Front Side Bus and DDR will shortly become the standard platforms for AMD. However because of the amount of PC100/133 floating around in the market, users are looking for something in between. Users like the idea of the 133/266 FSB on AMD processors while still using their current memory. This is where the VIA KT133 A steps in."

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On Deus Ex Multiplayer Patch

posted: December 5, 2000 @ 6:08 EST by: ryan

GameSpy gets the exclusive scoop on the Deus Ex multiplayer patch due out any day now from Ion Storm Austin. They chat with Warren Spector about the patch and what multiplayer fun it brings to an already excellent game, as well as the role of the mod community.

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Hardware Price Index

posted: December 5, 2000 @ 6:07 EST by: ryan

The Tech Zone has updated their Hardware Price Index for Tuesday Dec. 5th. Not a big move in prices this week. The biggest drop was from the Leadtek Winfast Geforce 256 video card, which can now be had for just $181!

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Back-UPS Pro 500 Review

posted: December 4, 2000 @ 9:04 EST by: ryan

3Dhardware.net has reviewed a model from APC called Back-UPS Pro 500, which is perfect for powering your computer, broadband modem and monitor those crucial moments after the power goes down.

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Abit KT7 Review

posted: December 4, 2000 @ 6:46 EST by: darkseed

The Tech Report has put together a review of Abit's KT7 and KT7-RAID motherboards, complete with benchmarks. They gave the motherboards a very high rating. Go here to find out why.

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Master a Network: Part I

posted: December 4, 2000 @ 6:42 EST by: darkseed

PC Hardware has started a series of articles on networking. This series is designed to help you build your dream network. This first article deals with OSI layers, Data encapsulation, and TCP/IP reference model. Stay tuned for more.

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Super Orb Review

posted: December 4, 2000 @ 3:56 EST by: ryan

PenStarSys have posted a review of the Thermaltake Super Orb. This "little" fan does wonders to the heat output of Athlon processors. The results are pretty impressive for a normally cooled heatsink/fan combo. And another:

"So where does Thermaltake go now? The answer is simple, make something a bit better. The Orb design is very good in terms of how quiet it is and how effective the heat dissipation is. How do you make the design better? Make it bigger and add a fan! The Super Orb is the latest concoction from Thermaltake for the Athlon series of processors. The Athlon puts out a significant amount of heat, and to control that heat users need a good heatsink, and Thermaltake aims to deliver."

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KS-299XP Mid-Tower Review

posted: December 4, 2000 @ 3:51 EST by: ryan

FastMHZ has posted up a review of the Superpower Landmark KS-299XP Mid-Tower Case:

"First I have to say that this case is very heavy. Its weight is about 28 shipping pounds. I open the box I said WOW nice case. One important choosing and building an overclocked system, is the type of case you will be using."

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Overclocking AMD CPUs

posted: December 4, 2000 @ 3:41 EST by: ryan

EXHardware has just posted an AMD Overclocking Special, discussing overclocking of AMD's Athlon Thunderbirds and Duron processors in a simple to understand article for the average overclocker. Here's a snip of the article:

"This part is pretty tricky, if you haven't got an unlocked Duron, you have to connect some little points at the top of the CPU. Called the L1 Bridges, you can't miss em, the name is right next to it :). If it's unlocked it should look like this.If it doesn't look like that, you would have guessed, it is locked. To unlock, get some electrical conducting stuff, a pencil will do :D (yes, I it's true, get a pencil!!!, preferable a normal pencil which draws as dark as possible), and connect all the L1 bridges (not with each other though, only the above with the one below) and you've unlocked it."

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HQ-2000 Monitor Headphones

posted: December 4, 2000 @ 6:39 EST by: ryan

Tired of getting The MAN called on you for blasting your speakers too loud? Or is wife/mom cutting your speaker wires because apparently 3:30am isn't a good time for Quake 3 at 100 decibels? Look no further than Creative's HQ-2000 Monitor Headphones. Tech-GODS has taken a look at Creative's new HQ-2000 Monitor Headphones.

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Epox D3VA Mobo Review

posted: December 4, 2000 @ 6:38 EST by: ryan

Neoseeker has posted a review of the Epox D3VA motherboard. It uses the VIA Apollo Pro 133A chipset, supports 2 FC-PGA PIII chips or a single FCPGA Celeron chip & features 4 SDRAM DIMMs, 5 PCIs, 1 ISA, 4X AGP slot, 2 USB, and has 66/100/133Mhz FSB settings.

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1.2 GHz T-Bird Keychain

posted: December 4, 2000 @ 6:37 EST by: ryan

Want to win a 1.2GHz T-Bird key chain?

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Alice Demo Review

posted: December 4, 2000 @ 6:36 EST by: ryan

3DActionPlanet has posted up a review of the Alice demo released a few days ago.

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VisionTek GeForce2 GTS 64

posted: December 4, 2000 @ 6:35 EST by: ryan

3DChipSet has finished and uploaded their take on the VisionTek GeForce2 GTS 64mb video card.

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2 Cool PC Plus Review

posted: December 4, 2000 @ 6:33 EST by: ryan

Overclocking is one highly popular method for increasing system performance however it has one big negative side effect – Extra heat.

The 2 Cool PC Plus exists to eliminate a lot of this heat by blowing cooled air using a fairly innovative design, but how well does it work? Read 3D Spotlight's 2 Cool PC Plus review.

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Zuuk DupMaster CD Recorder

posted: December 4, 2000 @ 6:31 EST by: ryan

Hardwarezone has posted up a review of the Zuuk USA's DupMaster CD Recorder. Here's an excerpt from the review:

"The DupMaster's fairly small size and internal power supply allows the device to sit conveniently on top of a standard PC casing for easy access. Our evaluation unit was a direct 1:1 CD recorder (1 source disc: 1 target disc data path); the company soon will make available a 1:3 CD recorder."

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Titan Majesty Twin Orb

posted: December 3, 2000 @ 7:48 EST by: ryan

Sunday, what a slow news day. Case Modders Australia got to have a look at the brand new Titan Majesty twin orb HSF:

"Everybody has been going silly lately over coolers like the FOP38 and the big AMD loving Super Orb. Then, from the back of the HSF race comes something brand new and completely different. Supporting Socket's A, 462 and 370, welcome the Titan Majesty Twin Orb."

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Home Networking Guide

posted: December 3, 2000 @ 7:47 EST by: ryan

Hardware News Net has posted a beginner's guide for home networking:

"This guide will attempt to give someone who knows little or nothing about home networking a basic understanding of how to setup a home network. It will list the hardware necessary for a simple home network and cover the installation of the hardware and software to do file, printer, and Internet sharing in Windows 98 and Windows ME."

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Soltek 75KV2-X Review

posted: December 2, 2000 @ 5:03 EST by: ryan

PCinsight has just posted up their review of the Soltek 75KV2-X motherboard. This one, designed for the Socket A platform, includes multiplier adjustments, the 686B Southbridge and features an AGP Pro slot. Here is a clip:

"The 75KV2-X is one of the first motherboards released in the world with the substitution of the 686A Southbridge for the newer 686B revision. The primary difference between the two chips is the addition of ATA/100 support in the "686B". Aside from that change, both chips are pretty much one and the same."

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Intel Interiview on P4

posted: December 2, 2000 @ 6:56 EST by: ryan

With all the recent controversy over the lauch of the Pentium 4 chip by Intel, Gamer's Depot decided it was time to let you hear straight from the source on what makes this new chip so hot!

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Evga GeForce2 MX Review

posted: December 2, 2000 @ 6:55 EST by: ryan

Gideontech.com just finished reviewing the great low priced gaming card from Evga! Geared perfectly for the Christmas shopper on a budget Here is a blurb:

"With so many video card companies and so many different cards to choose from, it is very nice to see a new company produce such a nice quality card. Although the packaging can use a little work, the product."

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Alice Demo Released

posted: December 1, 2000 @ 9:05 EST by: ryan

You can pick up this (large) 70+ MB demo from fileplanet.

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Video Card Cooling

posted: December 1, 2000 @ 4:24 EST by: ryan

HardwareOC has posted up an article on Video Card Cooling, check it out:

"Some of us may be familiar with the kits available for overclocking a video card : Vantec Chipset Cooler GPack III Extreme and the top dog - Vice III Extreme. Some may feel these are total overkill and for the price I tend to agree. The Vantec version isn't very expensive but gives us little performance gain in terms of overclocking. Here is where the Blue Orb comes into play. It is cheaper than other chipset coolers out there and performs just as well excluding the copper based Vice Extreme. A comparison can be seen here. This being a budget upgrade we will use some inexpensive RAM heatsinks from 2Cool. What in the world will we use to slap all these guys together? You guessed it, Artic Silver thermal heatsink compound and the newly released Artic Silver thermal adhesive epoxy."

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VIA 4.25a 4-1 Drivers

posted: December 1, 2000 @ 4:22 EST by: ryan

VIA has officially released the VIA 4.25a 4-1 drivers. ViaHardware has had these drivers on their pages for quite sometime, but always used them as BETA:

The new official 4.25a contains a new AGP driver 4.04 and new IDE driver 2.150.

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Win a 1.1GHz Computer!

posted: December 1, 2000 @ 4:20 EST by: ryan

HardCoreware.net is giving away a 1.1GHz computer, sign up!

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Ratpadz Review

posted: December 1, 2000 @ 4:18 EST by: ryan

SavamgeZone has posted up a review of the 'Ratpadz' Mouse pad:

"The Ratpad Rocks! It's Sleek and sexy, and It is truly the best mousing surface ever made. From the enormous size, right down to the little feet on the bottom, this thing kicks the butts of all other mouse pads! I give it a hearty two thumbs up."

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AOpen MircoATX Mobo Review

posted: December 1, 2000 @ 4:17 EST by: ryan

AOpen's MircoATX Socket-A motherboard might just be your ticked to building a killer LAN gaming box, and Gamer's Depot has a review of it.

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3D Prophet II Ultra Review

posted: December 1, 2000 @ 6:37 EST by: ryan

Hercules' fastest video to date has made its way into Gamer's Depot's labs. Equipped with tons of cool features, the 3D Prophet II Ultra might just be what the doctor ordered for your next upgrade.

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Tyan Dual Athlon Mobo

posted: December 1, 2000 @ 6:35 EST by: ryan

AthlonMB has some specs and release date info on the tyan dual athlon mobo:

"Not quite sure what the "more" is, but I'd take another guess that it will be on-board sound, and maybe some RAID controllers, but again, just a guess. The release date on this sucker? The chipset has to be "re-spun" by the chipset manufacturer, further delaying the otherwise solid, working platform. This chipset delay will push back the product release until at least mid Q1 of 2001."

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Plexwriter 12/10/32A Review

posted: December 1, 2000 @ 6:34 EST by: ryan

PC Monkey has reviewed the Plexwriter 12/10/32A CD writer. This thing is a veritable king of IDE writers with Plextor's new Burn-Proof technology.

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