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December 12, 2000 - December 17, 2000

Holiday Gift Guide

posted: December 17, 2000 @ 11:22 EST by: ryan

Uh-oh, it's that time of the year again, and you haven't even started your holiday shopping! 3DGF comes to the rescue with their holiday gift guide, new for the 2000 season. They'll show you which games to get on six systems for that special gamer in your life. They go over each game and tell you why it is worth your money.

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SpeedyCool System Blower

posted: December 17, 2000 @ 11:21 EST by: ryan

TweakTown have reviewed the SpeedyCool System Blower from a small new company in the USA. The SpeedyCool System Blower uses two "Lafan" DC brushless sleeve or ball bearing fans. Today, TweakTown is testing the sleeve bearing version which produces a low noise volume of 30dba at 2800rpm, with 34 CFM air output.

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nV News Giveaway

posted: December 16, 2000 @ 1:08 EST by: darkseed

nV News is giving away a Leadtek WinFast GeForce 2MX and a Creative Labs Annihilator 2. They will randomly pick a winner from registered forum users.

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Sony UP-DP10 Photo Printer

posted: December 16, 2000 @ 1:05 EST by: darkseed

Dan's Data has done a quick review of the Sony UP-DP10 printer. Read it here.

The 1270 is the big A3-size version of Epson's Stylus Photo 870. The 870 can only do A4 size prints, and it retails for $AUD750 or so; the 1270 currently costs a bit more than $AUD1000, but it can print full A3 area. To do that, though, you have to print a bordered image on slightly bigger-than-A3 paper, then manually crop it down to full A3.

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Warcraft III Interview

posted: December 16, 2000 @ 11:43 EST by: jc

I alwayse get exited about new Blizzard games, Warcraft III is no exception. Daily Radar has an interview with Rob Pardo, lead designer on Warcraft III. Read all about it here.

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Case LEDs Switch

posted: December 16, 2000 @ 11:37 EST by: jc

Extreme Ice has a little article showing you how to change your case LEDs for blue ones. This is a very simple modification which will make your case look so cool!

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Athlon 800 Review

posted: December 16, 2000 @ 11:33 EST by: jc

Frosty Tech has a nice review of the Athlon 800 CPU with plenty of benchmarks. I must admite I'm an Intel guy. But with all the price cuts and good performance on the AMD side, I'm starting to wonder what type of CPU will be in my next machine.

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FrontX Multimedia Review

posted: December 16, 2000 @ 11:26 EST by: jc

Savage Zone review the FrontX CPX Multimedia Ports. That's the unit which brings all your sound and joystick port to one of your front 5.25" drive bays. Cool stuff for sure!

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Win Some Stuff!!!

posted: December 15, 2000 @ 2:23 EST by: ryan

LITTLEWHITEDOG.COM has started a new contest today. They are giving away a SMC EZ Connect USB 10/100 Fast Ethernet Adapter to one lucky winner. You may enter this contest once per day, per e-mail address. The contest ends on 12/22/2000 so enter early and enter often! I think I'll post an image in this link:

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How DSL Works

posted: December 15, 2000 @ 8:54 EST by: ryan

And if you REALLY want to know how your high-speed DSL connection works and the impact it puts on the Internet, investigative reporter Fargo gets the REAL story at Gamespy.

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DS9:The Fallen Review

posted: December 15, 2000 @ 8:53 EST by: ryan

With millions of fans, and boatloads of Spock Ears later, the Star Trek Franchise continues to dish out their line of PC games. The Game Den takes a look at Star Trek Deep Space Nine - The Fallen. Developed by The Collective and published by Simon & Schuster Interactive, this third person game supplies all the adventure you need this holiday season.

"The enticing visuals come courtesy of the Unreal engine. Trekkies will be pleased to find the graphics remaining true to the TV series. From the walkways on the station to the grunt on Worf’s face, everything is faithfully replicated to mimic the dark theme DS9 represents. If there is one thing the Unreal Engine excels over the competitive Quake III engine, it’s the ability to produce mammoth levels. Players will find themselves mightily impressed with the vast worlds DS9 has to offer."

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Massive GRIN Interview

posted: December 15, 2000 @ 8:52 EST by: ryan

Part two of EuroGamer's massive interview with Swedish developers GRIN is now online, this time focusing on their debut game, sci-fi racer "Ballistics". Also included are another four exclusive new shots of the game in action.

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X-Micro GeForce 2 MX

posted: December 15, 2000 @ 8:50 EST by: ryan

HotHardware has taken a look at a GeForce 2 MX that recently hit the market from upstart X-Micro.

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Alpha PAL6035 HS Review

posted: December 15, 2000 @ 8:50 EST by: ryan

Extreme Overclocking has posted a review of the Alpha PAL6035 HS. Recently the clip was updated to conform to Socket A standards, and this HS still performs like a champ on the new AMD CPUs. Also, with the Delta fan's so much more popular over the Y.S Tech's, this helps give the Alpha even more of an edge, helping drop temperatures 7F under full load!

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Phone Calls Over Internet!

posted: December 14, 2000 @ 10:28 EST by: ryan

With Long Distance bills going through the roof, the Internet has become an even more attractive way to make those Calls. Creative Labs' new VoIP (Voice Over IP) is a $20.00 unit that let's you easily call any phone in the world or PC.

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Asus AGP-V7100/Pure 32MB

posted: December 14, 2000 @ 8:52 EST by: ryan

Hardwarezone.com has a new review of the Asus AGP-V7100/Pure 32MB SDRAM. Here's an excerpt from the review:

Review Title: "ASUS followers will definitely love the V7100 which was well designed and performed like a higher-end video card, but with a price of a mid-range video-card. Ease-of-installation, neat hardcopy manuals, a bonus full game of Soldier-of-Fortune, cool-performing and good overclocking facilities are some of the perks that you can receive with the ASUS V7100. If you don't mind paying for a premium brand, you'll also be receiving a premium quality Geforce2-MX from ASUS."

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Silent Drive Review

posted: December 14, 2000 @ 5:48 EST by: ryan

UKGamer.net has posted it's review on the Silent Drive. As the name of it suggests, the Silent drive is here to quieten down the noise that is emitted by your hard disk drive within your computer. The Silent drive uses sophisticated padding to cushion and absorb the vibrations a hard drive produces during operation.

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Jeremy Allford @ GD

posted: December 14, 2000 @ 6:47 EST by: ryan

Gamers Depot is proud to present Contributing Editor: Jeremy Allford in his first article to be published since he left AGN3D.

"In this guide, Jeremy takes a look at a dellima that plagues many gamers, the mess behind your desk, and gives step by step instructions on how to get yourself straightened up and organized up in no time at all!"

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Sony 12x CD-RW Review

posted: December 14, 2000 @ 6:46 EST by: ryan

Neoseeker has posted a review of Sony's fastest CDRW to date, the Sony Spressa Professional 12X CDRW drive. Here's a snippet:

"Sony is making waves again in the CD-RW drive arena with the release of it’s latest Brand of CD-RW Spressa Series drives. Some say it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks -but we think Sony has polished the Spressa drive even more than before and it’s ready to compete in the heavy-weight division with speeds of 12X8X32X! For the most part this drive is identical to it’s older brother, the Spressa 10X4X24X -but the big difference is what’s under the hood!"

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AMK 292-3333 Case Review

posted: December 14, 2000 @ 6:45 EST by: ryan

Another day and another case review by The Tech Zone! This time they look at the 292-3333 overclockers case from AMK Services. This case is just loaded with unique features. Among them: four high power fans, tool free entry, sliding drive rails and a super neat PCI clamping system which allows you to install AGP and PCI devices without screws! All for less than $100! Here's a clip:

"For all you tweakers out there, this is by far the best part of the 292-3333. With its innovative PCI clamping system, the 292-3333 allows you to install your AGP video card and any PCI or ISA devices without screwing it down. The devices are held in place by a quick release clamp! Need to change video card real quick? Release the clamp, change the video card, clamp it back in place and you're done! No screw driver needed!"

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Visiontek GeForce2 Ultra

posted: December 14, 2000 @ 6:44 EST by: ryan

PCRoddin has kicked up a review of the Visiontek Geforce2 Ultra. Check out the blurb:

"This leads up to the last of the GF2 series, the Ultra. The 200Mhz clock of the GTS and Pro versions was already more than the memory throughput could handle which lead to the Pro's memory clock increase. With the Ultra, Nvidia increased both the core and the memory. The Ultra comes in at 250Mhz core clock and a blazing 460Mhz memory clock. The Ultra cores are hand picked to ensure stability at such a high speed and the memory is rated at 4ns which should reach 500Mhz speeds plus if the yields are good."

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Hitman Patch

posted: December 14, 2000 @ 6:40 EST by: ryan

You can download the hitman patch from fileplanet today.

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More DDR Benchmarks

posted: December 13, 2000 @ 6:07 EST by: ryan

TweakTown has published some preliminary DDR benchmarks on their homepage, benchmarking an AMD Athlon "Thunderbird" 900MHz with a 128mb stick of Crucial PC2100 DDR SDRAM on an ALi MAGiK DDR chipset (266MHz DDR FSB) vs. VIA KT133 (133MHz FSB) using SiSoft Sandra 2001 Professional memory benchmark. The results shown, should come very pleasantly for AMD Athlon CPU users looking for that extra boost in performance with the assistance of new DDR memory.

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MidiLand S4 4060M Review

posted: December 13, 2000 @ 6:06 EST by: ryan

Hardwarezone.com has posted a new review of the MidiLand S4 4060M Speaker System.

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Epox 8KTA3 VIA KT133a

posted: December 13, 2000 @ 6:05 EST by: ryan

TweakTown have reviewed the Epox 8KTA3 socket a motherboard based on the new VIA Apollo KT133a chipset which utilises VIA's new VT82C686B Southbridge chipset with full support for ATA100 and RAID. Here's a taste:

"This new Southbridge incorporated the same features as the VT82C686A only this new chipset supports the new ATA-100 protocol, when this was available to the market Epox took their existing 8KTA+ and added the new 686B Southbridge, since the pin outs are the same all that was required as to replace the 686A with the 686B. This board was labelled the 8KTA2. With the introduction of 266MHz FSB CPU's and the KT133 chipset not able to supply the needed FSB for this new CPU. So, VIA released a new chipset titled the KT133A. This new chipset has all the same features as its younger brother but now officially supports 266MHz FSB with PC133 SDRAM and EPOX have been, once again, the first to market with the new 8KTA3 motherboard supporting the new VIA KT133A chipset."

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New Leaked Via 4-1 Drivers

posted: December 13, 2000 @ 6:03 EST by: ryan

ViaHardware just put up some "leaked" VIA 4-1 drivers version 4.26. They have installed them on my their system without problems. There appears to be a new AGP, INF, and Busmaster drivers.

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Alice Review

posted: December 13, 2000 @ 6:02 EST by: ryan

GamesBasement has posted a review of Alice.

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Samtron 95P 19" Monitor

posted: December 13, 2000 @ 6:02 EST by: ryan

Frostytech.com has posted a review of a Samtron 95P 19" 0.26 dot pitch monitor. QUOTE:

"Resolution and picture quality with this monitor is first rate. We increased resolution past the max value of 1600x1200 to
1920x1440 and the picture was clear and fairly crisp, but also unstable. With the monitor back down to its maximum listed resolution of 1600x1200 we turned up the brightness and contrast all the way to see what impact this had on picture quality. We've seen some monitors crap-out when the brightness and contrast are maxed out. So much so that the masking behind the glass becomes visible. Obviously the Samtron 95P didn't have these problems. Colour quality and pixel definition remained sharp, and although there are only three pre-set colour temperatures the range is fully adequate. A temperature of about 6500K looked to be the optimal setting as it was not too warm, and not overly cold.

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Kingdom Under Fire Demo

posted: December 12, 2000 @ 7:15 EST by: ryan

FilePlanet is now mirroring the whopping 162 MB Kingdom Under Fire demo.

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Hedgehog Heatsink Review

posted: December 12, 2000 @ 7:14 EST by: ryan

UKGamer.net has posted an article on the new solid copper heatsink, the Hedgehog. This heatsink moves away from the more common aluminium heatsinks on the market and goes for a full on solid copper heatsink. As anyone who has ever done physics before will know, copper is much better thermal (and electrical) conductor than aluminium.

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Roger Wilco Review

posted: December 12, 2000 @ 7:13 EST by: ryan

PC911 is featuring a review of the Roger Wilco:

"Have you ever thought about how cool it would be to talk to other people over the Internet for free, maybe even while playing online games? Here is your chance! Roger Wilco is a solid, easy-to-use program that allows anybody with a computer and a modem to communicate via voice over the Internet at no cost."

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Fastest CMOS Transistor

posted: December 12, 2000 @ 7:20 EST by: ryan

Electic Tech reports that Intel has reportedly developed the worlds smallest and fastest CMOS transistor with some pretty amazing specs. Thanks Anandtech:

"The transistors feature structures just 30 nanometers in size and three atomic layers thick. (Note: A nanometer is one-billionth of a meter). Smaller transistors are faster, and fast transistors are the key building block for fast microprocessors, the brains of computers and countless other smart devices.

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Overclocking: How-To

posted: December 12, 2000 @ 7:18 EST by: ryan

AthlonOC has put together a detailed guide to overclocking covering covering everything you'll need to know to get started. Here's a quote:

"Overclocking seems to be becoming an art now adays, with water coolers, peltiers and tons of other terms that will confuse the heck out of john doe newbie. But yet more and more people jump into the den with the same intention we all had when we started... to get more for less."

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Giants: Citizen Kabuto Q&A

posted: December 12, 2000 @ 7:16 EST by: ryan

Voodooextreme has popped up a small Q&A with Tim Williams about the just released Giants: Citizen Kabuto.

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Diablo II Expansion Interview

posted: December 12, 2000 @ 7:12 EST by: ryan

Today's Daily Radar's Diablo II Expansion interview is with Tyler Thompson, the lead designer at Blizzard. They talk about the upcoming Diablo II add-on pack. Thanks bluesnews.

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